Many people view landscapers as a bunch of dirty guys with matching shirts delivered in a logoed truck. There is more to it than being a laborer willing to be dirty who knows how to run a variety of machines, and strong enough to do the physical work. Sure, anyone can get dirty working in the soil all day, but being dirty does not make you capable of producing beauty. That takes a bunch of dirty guys who have turned their labors into an art.

Consider them Michael Angelos smeared not with paint, but mud, working on a canvas that is reality in the three dimensional world. A bad canvas can be cast aside, a poorly translated landscape remains for decades. The secret to having a beautiful yard is more than hiring a landscaper. Done right, it’s a job for artisans.

Both your landscape designer and their installation people must be knowledgeable about the materials, be highly skilled at working with them, and have artistic vision to coax the desired finished look from the chaos delivered to your curb. In addition to being artists whose medium is rocks, soil, plants and stone, these people must also never stray from producing the highest quality of workmanship possible. This is what makes an artisan, a person who can create magical things of great beauty from simple utilitarian materials.

The difference between a beautiful landscape and a ho-hum yard is not necessarily the price tag. Vision and superior quality work ethics separate those who excel from those who don’t in any industry. Desert Crest LLC is well known for expertise and talent in landscape design and installation in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area. Our reputation for dedication to customer service, dependability, and artistic ability to create beautiful landscaping speaks for itself. We love what we do, and it shows.

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