A huge asset to anyone's Scottsdale landscaping! Every backyard or patio has so much more to offer with the element of fire.

Add Some Sizzle To Your Scottsdale Landscaping

Backyard living makes all of us head for the patio or poolside to relax. The more time we spend outdoors at home, the more elements to enrich the experience are needed. In any municipality, adding a littleĀ ambianceĀ or warmth from dancing flames means adding outdoor fireplaces or outdoor fire pits to the mix. An outdoor fireplace is an awesome addition to any patio, but for many it is just not in the budget or space will not allow this addition to your Scottsdale landscaping. This is where the outdoor fire pit really starts gaining popularity.

Sure, you could buy a small clay or metal affair at the local discount store, but these are not a permanent fixture. None of these types of patio fire feature options allow you to tap into your home’s gas line and many do not operate on gas at all. This leaves you scrambling for firewood, which means little to the backyard bonfire seeker. We really can’t blame the must-have-wood-flames types, its the true campfire atmosphere and you just can’t replace the smell of burning wood. However, the heat it gives off shortens the lifespan of these inexpensive fire containers by a great deal, making a real fire pit very enticing indeed.

Another thing you might not realize is there is a vast difference between outdoor fire pits and chimineas or fire pit tables. Adding true excitement to your backyard landscaping in Scottsdale won’t be accomplished with these small fire pots. You can recreate that effect with a half dozen oil lamps or Coleman lanterns arranged in a cluster in the middle of your table. This is not a fire!

Entertaining around real outdoor fire pits is a huge step up in backyard living, whether you want to burn wood or make it gas burning. Rather than a tiny bit of dancing flames, you’re rewarded with exactly what you’re seeking and in a size that can accommodate as many seats as you want. Custom built fire pits are limited only by your space and imagination. The average sized round patio firepit can easily accommodate six to eight seats with plenty of elbow room and passage space. You can go beyond that 30-36″ wide focal point, and you can also opt for a rectangular shape that will allow even larger groups comfortable flame viewing too. That’s the beauty of custom – it fits your needs and desires.

Working with Scottsdale landscapers who run gas and electricity makes outfitting your outdoor living spaces nicely so much easier too. A lot of people might be capable of building a stone or block and stucco firepit that runs on bottled gas, but to tap into the always full gas line of your home, you need a licensed General Contractor. Just like firing up the grill to discover that your tank is out of fuel half way through cooking steaks, nothing removes all the fun from an evening as quickly as running out of dancing flames that were the life of the party.