Adding big value to your patio pavers is easy with adobe walls to envelope your outdoor living

Adobe and Patio Pavers: Striking Outdoor Rooms

From New River to Glendale and Scottsdale, the addition of relaxing and beautiful outdoor living rooms is what every Arizona homeowner desires. Adobe walls and outdoor fireplaces are high on the list of additions to custom designs using patio pavers. This allows the beauty of view and long durability in the harsh desert climate.

The smooth texture of adobe is the perfect complement to the cut stone like pattern provided by pavers. As in this particular new landscape installation where low lying adobe walls were used to envelope the outdoor living patio.

By repeating the same block used in the driveway of this home, the patio pavers lend fluidity to the overall landscaping areas. The patio’s enclosure of adobe walls seamlessly blends with the walls of the building. Even before adding the xeriscaping landscaping along the perimeter, the overall feeling of this paver floored outdoor living room was refined and calming in ambiance. For the homeowner, these choices of hardscaping elements will be thoroughly enjoyable for their low maintenance and curb appeal values.

Softening and interesting color pulls the outdoor living area together with its brilliant blooms to accent the different textures of green. This mixture of xeriscaping landscaping cacti, shrubs and perennials will always be at their utmost best in vigor and beauty due to the drip irrigation that lies hidden beneath the stone mulch in the planting spaces.

Desert plants used in New River and Scottsdale or Glendale, Arizona landscaping will always give you so much more value when supplied with sufficient moisture. Drip irrigation is very conservative in the amount of water used, and none is wasted as it is beneath the surface and only going to the roots of each plant in your landscaping. Rugged plants used in our xeriscaping designs today will perform far better when they are given regular fertilization. This won’t increase your home maintenance chores when the fertilization is applied via the drip irrigation system.

To add the presence of an adobe wall envelope to your outdoor living patio does not require working with several contractors when you choose the right Arizona landscaper. Being highly skilled and providing versatile services is a sign of an accomplished craftsman. Masonry construction, pavers and drip irrigation installation are all part of the benefits found in working with Desert Crest for all your xeriscaping landscaping needs.