This Anthem pool landscaping and patio merges in one fluid movement.

Anthem Pool Landscaping and Patio Combined

There are lots of reasons that to residents of Anthem, pool landscaping is important. No matter where you may live, a pool isn’t something that is easily hidden in the backyard, at least not without erecting a wall around it. So it makes perfect sense that many people want the patio design and pool deck’s paving to flow and connect, along with pool landscaping that merges with the rest of the backyard. In today’s smaller properties, the pool can occupy a huge portion of your available space, as well as being clearly visible from the rooms inside the house.

Water features and rocks are a wonderful partner of the pool, after all one finds many exposed rocks in places that the flow or water has washed them free of the soil. Here we’ve added waterfalls with a few select plants framing this space between the stone paving patio and spa. One thing that really makes this so natural looking is that the pool itself isn’t that traditional blue. This one looks a lot like stone, giving the water a far less contrived appearance and a color one would likely find in a natural pool somewhere in the wild.

The pool landscaping here is quite simple and very low maintenance, yet very striking. Prostrate Rosemary gracefully weeps to the water’s edge and is lovely at all times, but exquisite when in bloom. In the foreground is Desert Spoon (Dasylirion wheeleri) and is echoed in the pool landscaping at the right side of the spa. Yucca of all types is lovely in bloom, but one of my favorites is the wispy Red Yucca you see here at the front of this bed along the waterfalls. Between blooming seasons, it looks like an evergreen grass but is simply gorgeous at full color such as the day this photo was taken.

Every project we do with pool decks is unique to the owner of the home and the layout of the backyard area. Some are quite simple and others more involved, but they all include pool landscaping designed to accent and nicely occupy available planting space with plants that add color and interest.  A good share of them make use of swimming pool fountains or waterfalls, which is a great way to add the soothing sound of water to outdoor living spaces using only the water already in the pool. Naturally, the pavers or natural stone chosen for Anthem pool decks and patios polish the whole effect off beautifully.