Architectural flair is important to Arizona landscaping around Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Archi-texture in Arizona Landscaping

Desert landscaping here in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas can be so striking and rich in interest. This is especially important for a home’s curb appeal.

For the designer, selecting the right xeriscaping plants to compliment the home and each other can be quite a task with every individual one carrying a key role. Unlike the ‘fluffier’ forms of landscaping plants one sees used in residential landscaping in more verdant parts of the country, xeriscaping landscaping in this part of Arizona is more architectural and minimalistic.

With the use of stone as ground cover rather than grass and bark mulch, the plants used in Arizona landscaping beds are far more important than one may realize. All foliar interest and color around a home in Scottsdale or Phoenix must come from the trees, shrubs, catci and flowering plants. It is important to get good combinations of shapes, stature and shades of different colors to put together a truly remarkable Arizona landscape design.

This particular curb appeal landscape installation carries just the right amount of different shapes, heights, textures and unique colors to really be stunning in a very simple way. To be able to put such a planting together takes a great amount of creativity on the part of the xeriscaping designer. Knowing just where each different plant should be placed to arrive at a finished setting like this one isn’t an accident, the designer can see this scene in their mind.

Low and purple flowering Texas Sage looks wonderful against desert boulders. The setting is brightened with a plentiful addition of Golden Barrel Cactus and a unique Gold Echinopsis tucked in between the blue of the Variegated Yucca and Century Plant Agave. Height and greater interest is added with Prickly Pear, Saquaro and Hedgehog Cactus. Finishing off the edges is a nice sized Palo Verde tree and multi-stemmed palm for fluff, and anchoring the corner of walk and bed at the entrance to the courtyard is a Totem Pole Cactus.

It is far easier to create a truly stunning xeriscaping design with our architecturally shaped desert plants than the wide, full plants from other regions. This homeowner now has great color and year around interest in a small area that is also very low maintenance. This is exactly what every homeowner wants that is ready to have new Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping installed.