Arizona Grass: To Lawn Or Not To Lawn?

It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are viewing the subject of Arizona grass, there are pros and cons. The vast sweeping lawns in other areas of the country are definitely beautiful, but even where water is plentiful such an expanse of an always needful thing is not necessary. There are two kinds of lawns in other regions; the highly manicured, pristine ground cover that never goes a day without water, and then there are natural lawns. Is there such a thing as a natural lawn? Sure there is. It’s whatever sprouts and fills the bare ground that is mowed on a weekly basis as needed. No fertilizer regime. No irrigation. It’s more like a form of manicuring Mother Nature when she gets a few inches out of control.

To most people living around Phoenix and Scottsdale, a ‘natural lawn’ is not what they had in mind, nor is such a thing even possible here in Arizona. Grasses that are mowable do not populate our untamed landscape as they do in a vast area of North America. For you, it means a choice between regular irrigation, synthetic grass or stone cover. If you’re dreaming of a soft lovely green carpeted space, option number three isn’t on your wish list. Maintaining large areas of lawn grass will not be in many homeowners’ budgets, and with today’s smaller properties such an approach isn’t possible anyway.

Rather than tossing in the towel on your desires for some rich green grass, remember that with moderation so much more is possible. If the use of water one or two times a week one even a small area of the yard goes against the grain, then yes – synthetic lawn is the option for you.

For those on the other side of the situation, we suggest that installing Arizona sod bred to perform at an optimum levels for the soil and sun in your yard is the first consideration. From many years of experience, we know that this will decrease the cost of maintenance and use of water greatly. Today’s Arizona grass is nothing like what was available to us just a few years ago. It’s tougher, more adaptable and easier to care for.

Secondly, used where you spend most of your time outdoors at home and can enjoy the luxury the most, is exactly where the live lawn in your yard should be. Naturally this will be adjacent to the outdoor living spaces in any Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping. Like the backyard landscaping we did for this client, there is really very little lawn space but it has immense impact.

The pros in having grass in your outdoor living space go beyond luxury though. Lush vegetation has a cooling effect, as does moisture in the air. Additionally, the creation of a desert comes from extended periods of no precipitation. Used in moderation, watering this small area does make a difference in the micro climate that exists in your backyard. Conserving water is better accomplished with properly designed, setup and maintained irrigation systems that use the latest technology and engineering.

As to whether it is best to lawn or not to lawn in Arizona, only you can decide. If you want the best and most conservative Arizona grass, give us a call at Desert Crest. We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities with you.