Stone water features and firepits on Phoenix patios.

Arizona Home: Water and Fire Patio Designs

Patio designs for Phoenix homes do not have to be large to make space for all the comforts of outdoor living. The beauty of our native Arizona stone adds great interest when the color selected for building water features and firepits echoes the tones of your pavers for patio. The overall effect when the paving stones flooring and the masonry features give off the appearance that they were all created with the same stone looks very sophisticated. While we sometimes prefer to make the elements of patio designs accent each other rather than look to be all made of the same material, such a choice changes the feeling of your outdoor living rooms completely.

These Phoenix homeowners have a rather small private space, so the patio designs for this yard were best to be built from lighter tones to give the feeling of a larger space. Instead of electing a solid color for the paving stones patio floor, a blend of desert landscape colors can easily be found in native Arizona stone. Sticking to stone masonry that flows with the pavers places the greater part of the weight on texture over colors. We made great use out of both weathered face stone against stucco walls in the background and smoother cut stone in both structures.

The difference in coloring and pattern found in cut stone of the same type used in the weathered edge form gives this patio water fountain wall and basin more interest. Contrasting smooth with rough surfaces is a great way to give a lot more personality than if everything looked exactly the same. Designing really artistic looking stone structures for your Phoenix home requires a keen eye for natural stone. The finished look of your Arizona water feature or firepit will always have a great deal more beauty when all six sides of the pieces used in the construction are considered.

Firepits burning wood and natural gas are both popular choices for evening light and warmth in outdoor rooms. The available space you have in the private areas of your yard, can limit where these lifestyle enhancements of fire and

water are situated. Some homeowners in Phoenix elect to put them at opposite sides of the patio designs. Others choose the combination of being close to the cascading water for its cooling effect and soothing sound to be enjoyable along with the open flames of their patio firepit.