Working with Desert Crest, built in BBQ grills, fireplaces and patio paving is stunning.

Arizona Landscaping: Outdoor Living Spaces

Turning your backyard into a beautiful space for entertaining and relaxing is on top of every Scottsdale or Phoenix homeowner’s list of most desirable Arizona landscaping improvements. With the Phoenix landscape designer, your backyard landscaping can go from drab to stunning in just a few short weeks.

The first step is to decide what the needed activities any outdoor living space’s areas will house. For some this project will include the pool deck and pool landscaping too. For others they wish is more towards wonderful patio designs with built in BBQ grills and outdoor fireplaces or fire pits.

Even a small backyard can be turned into a sensational oasis to enjoy many hours of time year around with family and friends. One thing you can count on with well designed and properly installed outdoor living spaces is that you will have very minimal maintenance to do on the majority of the area. Patio designs from natural stone paving or pavers are beautiful and long lasting here in our desert climate. Adding outdoor fireplaces or fire pits extends the weeks of the year that your outdoor living area is a pleasant escape. Warmth from both of these take the chill off the air in the cooler months of the year, allowing you more exposure to fresh air in comfort.

This particular recently finished Phoenix landscaping project we’ve added to this post is modest in proportions but huge on stunning impact. A terraced effect was used in the natural stone patio design’s layout that gives added interest you can’t get from a flat expanse. This built in BBQ grills central placement allows for excellent traffic flow and the addition of more outdoor furniture in the future for large gatherings. A tile top was chosen by this homeowner to finish of their beautiful new outdoor cooking and bar dining ell.

The outdoor fireplace’s design adds extra seating for times when company is present. Its situated in its own separate area to create a new space that will see a great deal of use for this family. Facing the patio fireplace with the same stone as was used in the base on the built in BBQ grill’s design adds instant composure and balance to the entire outdoor living space’s look. By using adobe stucco and stone accent like this, the stone is not over powering and a much lower cost is involved in getting all the feature elements desired in your Phoenix landscaping for backyard living.

A beautiful design for outdoor living spaces is a combination of many things. Each individual homeowner’s vision of what they want to do in their Arizona landscaping is surprisingly unique. The best results and least stressful home improvement project like this will be found in working with a Phoenix landscaping company that is skilled in stone masonry, and licensed to complete every necessity. Be sure you find a contractor who can handle things like electrical wiring and BBQ or fire pit gas lines, and is licensed to perform this work by the state of Arizona.