Arizona Landscaping Trees Can Cool Off the Valley of the Sun

Arizona Landscaping Trees Can Cool Off the Valley of the Sun

It doesn't matter if your planning Scottsdale landscaping, Phoenix landscaping or Glendale landscaping, judicially placed desert shade trees have cooling attributes.Even before they invented asphalt, high temperatures have always sent people seeking a less populated area. In Phoenix or Scottsdale, it is definitely going to be hot whether you’re in the heart of the city, or one of the smaller cities 0r towns that lay beyond the the city limits when spring comes to an end. That’s when we all crank up the air conditioning, which works overtime trying to dispel the heat of the day… or night. The fact is, that with properly placed xeriscaping landscaping trees, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to make the interior of your home an easier to cool space.

Phoenix – Scottsdale landscaping trees placed properly will naturally temper the effects of the desert sun. For most of us, towering shade trees aren’t an option, as they will soon grow up into overhead utility lines. However, small Arizona landscaping trees can still provide you with a great deal of much needed natural cooling when planted in the hot spots that the exterior walls of every home has. It is wise to note that even native shade trees here in the desert will require proper amounts of water to perform their shade creating benefits. Relying on periodic automated drip irrigation will put water at the roots where it is needed and make the most of  of those cooling benefits.

Among the lower growing trees that thrive in Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping, you will do well with Sweet Acacia, Palo Verde, Cascalote, Desert Willow, Coral Gum, Mexican Redbud and Texas Redbud. If your home is in a more rural area, you can still enjoy lowered electricity bills and use some of the tallers trees known to perform well in this area’s climate.

Planting xeriscaping shade trees 15 feet away from the East, South and West walls of your home will reduce the effects of the summer and fall sun. It can be as much as 20% savings on energy use for cooling. Additionally, the less landscaping rock and more leafy shrubs that envelope the walls of a house and accent patios or courtyards, the cooler the air will be in your yard. Taking advantage of the climate benefits of Arizona landscaping plants makes a whole lot of sense and provides you with a greener world, as well as being an asset to anyone’s Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping.

Image courtesy of  SuzanMarie, CC by 2.0

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