Arizona Lifestyles: Building Outdoor Kitchens

If there is one thing that people living in Arizona can benefit from all year long, it’s having a patio design that has room for building outdoor kitchens. For some homeowners, custom built barbecues need only be simple outdoor kitchen gas grill islands. For those who enjoy whipping up a gourmet dinner in the great outdoors regularly, an outdoor kitchen barbecue means having everything handy … including the kitchen sink.

Appliances and accessories for today’s outdoor kitchen include stainless steel inserts of all kinds to outfit a complete patio kitchen. Planning your outdoor dining area adjacent to the stone outdoor grill is perfect for the Phoenix lifestyle. Weatherproof outdoor kitchen appliances include covered cook tops, refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers to create patio design kitchens just right for outdoor chefs. You can select from different sizes of outdoor kitchen gas grills and also add a smoker to your cooking station. For the wonderful flavor of wood fired pizza and artisan breads, you can enjoy old world cuisine baked in your own outdoor pizza and bread oven.

Beautifully compliment Phoenix home styles with natural stone barbeques custom built the artisan way.
Beautifully compliment Phoenix home styles with natural stone barbeques custom built the artisan way.

Stone topped outdoor kitchen gas grill islands can be crafted from natural stone, pavers for garden walls and stucco to create the perfect complement to your home and patio design. Storage cabinets can be added for storage beneath all custom built barbeques. Many Phoenix patio designs attach a bar that can double as serving space too.

The perfect Phoenix outdoor living room enhancements are patio designs that include an outdoor kitchen, stainless steel inserts and storage doors are an instant hit. Situating your stone outdoor grill and kitchen beneath the cooling shade of a rustic trellis ramada will provide welcome relief from the Arizona sun.

Patio design can feature natural stone flagging or pavers for patio for long lasting beauty and utility in our mild climate.Working with an experienced landscape designer will make building an outdoor kitchen much easier and the finished project far more professional looking and enjoyable to use. You’ll be able to add landscape lighting and extend the use of your new outdoor living room any time of day or night you choose to.