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Arizona Lifestyles: Courtyard and Patio Fountains

Adding water features to your Phoenix courtyard or patio setting creates an element that is both soothing to your psyche and a natural cooling benefit. Custom designed outdoor living room fountains allow your water feature to coordinate perfectly with your taste and the home’s architecture. There are many things that can be used to create very unique courtyard fountains for the Arizona home. It can be rather ruggedly handsome using native Arizona stone or very traditional and elegant in nature.

Stone orbs and those made from frost tolerant clay or other sculpture materials can give a water fountain feature a very interesting look. The addition of a stop such as is used in the top photograph will alter the music Phoenix fountains will make.

Making use of natural stone constructed as masonry gives you the opportunity to creating a waterfalls feature that is geometric instead of appearing like something stumbled upon in nature. Such a mortared basin and waterfalls wall can be tucked into the corner and erected along the wall of the house. The same type of outdoor living room fountain concept can be crafted from three dimensional

Natural stone water fountains.
Native Arizona stone makes a sharp looking patio waterfalls fountain.

pavers. This is done by building 2 pillars as ends and a low freestanding wall to create the waterfalls channel in. Channel waterfalls like these can be backlit with colored fiber optic lighting for wonderful nighttime effects.

It is also possible to custom install the traditional fountains you can find at Phoenix garden and patio centers. They can be combined with mortared natural stone pools or sculptural ones in many different sizes. The use of tiny fiber optic lights can add a lot of beauty and needed illumination to dramatically change the look of the courtyard or patio.

It is popular with Phoenix homeowners to also add custom water fountains in other places in their landscaping too. Some people request having the perfect design to accent the approach to their front door. Situating a water fountain feature near you bedroom or office window can also allow you to reap the soothing benefits of the cascading music through an open window. Working with an experienced custom water fountain designer will ensure that your new Phoenix water feature will hold up to the drastic changes in our desert climate and be long lasting for many years of enjoyment.