Waterfalls for outdoor living rooms in Phoenix begin with Desert Crest designs.

Arizona Lifestyles: Waterfalls in Phoenix

The element of water and its musical movement makes the perfect outdoor living enhancement for your Phoenix patio or poolside. Tucking a small water feature that is artistically formed to look very natural into a select space can add great value to your home. Waterfalls do not have to be huge to provide a soothing, relaxing atmosphere to your Arizona landscaping.

The magic of water that moves is not psychosomatic. It actually releases serotonin into the air. When you are close to running water such as small patio waterfalls, your body makes excellent use of the floating serotonin. Just 20 minutes spent relaxing next to your cascading water feature can actually erase stress and lift your mood … naturally. So if you’re feeling that having waterfalls installed in your Phoenix landscaping is rather extravagant, think again. You’ll be saving money on headache relief from Advil and adjusting your entire outlook on a daily basis.

Having your waterfalls designed to recirculate the water in your swimming pool is an excellent idea for desert homeowners. You new waterfalls will always have clear, sparkling water running through it. Imagine the lifestyle enhancement you can add to your outdoor living space with a custom designed waterfalls that is perfectly suited to your space and taste. The natural rocks and boulders available for Phoenix landscaping water features are just the right colors to blend beautifully with our adobe architecture.

If you happen to have a slope in your yard, you will be able to enjoy longer cascades from new Phoenix waterfalls. While having a pond built in desert landscaping is not always a good choice, pondless waterfalls and streams are perfect for conserving water without sacrificing its magical qualities. If your yard has rather flat terrain, you can still enjoy the wonders of waterfalls in your Arizona landscaping. The secret is designing the water feature to mimic nature for the best possible visual appeal.

Custom waterfalls, Phoenix homeowner, will add value to your real estate in a way no manufactured model purchased at a store could hope to impart. Using natural rocks and soil allows you to grow  grasses and perennial plants along the edges of the cascade or stream bank. This is important to making your waterfalls or stream increase in beauty, and adds more value to your home. You’ll also be able to enjoy your pondless waterfalls year around in Phoenix, making it a wonderful addition to your outdoor living room.