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Arizona Patio Designs: Making Room for Barbeques

One of the fun things about Arizona patio designs is that there is no proper spot to locate your BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. Most people do want their new built-in barbeques in a location that gives easy access to the kitchen – which makes perfect sense. Still no two custom outdoor grill islands are ever in the exact same place within the overall patio design’s layout.

Today’s Arizona homeowner can choose to have any size and any style of outdoor cooking center added to their outdoor living patio. As with patio designs themselves, your BBQ island can be simple and focused on the cooking itself, or it can be expanded to house anything you have in the kitchen. The most popular outdoor kitchen design requested features the grill and work space along with an attached or adjacent patio bar island. This isn’t a surprising mix, since Arizona patio designs are made for relaxing and entertaining.

Whether your outdoor living patio is constructed from natural stone or pavers, the most often requested built-in barbeques design has an adobe base and a tile or smooth stone top. It is the natural compliment to your southwestern adobe home and can be made to match the walls of the house exactly or to pick up the color in your Arizona patio design’s material choice. One thing you should always consider when selecting your new patio’s surface and what the grill island will be constructed from is whether you want these features to stand out or blend in with the scenery.

Many times the location of a home will guide a homeowner is choosing the colors and materials for their individual Arizona patio design’s overall appearance. Homes in the middle of a development will often have privacy walls around the outdoor living patio to block out the surrounding view. Here there is no reason to consider how the open desert plain will look with the coloring and materials used for the flooring surface or the outdoor kitchen elements.

For those homes where the panorama of the natural desert plains is the backdrop of their outdoor living room, selecting  materials for built-in barbeques that coordinate with nature adds a very relaxed feeling. The fluidity of such a tactic in patio design and BBQ island used in this particular backyard is easily seen. The top is crafted from a material color that matches the desert floor perfectly. The low slung adobe wall and base of the grill island, as well as the natural stone used in the patio design echo the distant mountains coloring. The finished look is lovely yet simple and very relaxing.

When you are ready to add an outdoor living room patio with a professionally crafted BBQ island behind your Pheonix area home, do be sure to contact Desert Crest. We would love to discuss the possibilities of creating the perfect outdoor living patio for you.