Comfort and beauty goes into every outdoor living area Desert Crest designs for our Phoenix, Arizona landscaping clients.

Backyard Living with Phoenix, Arizona Landscaping

For most homeowners around Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona landscaping their patio area and turning it into outdoor living space is high on the list of necessities. We can’t say as we blame them, a well designed backyard living style of patio ensures that this will be a pleasant, comfortable space with feature elements that expand the meaning of home.

One of the first things needed is shade for relief from that intense summer sun. Adding ramadas and pergolas creates a cooler space that everyone naturally gravitates toward.

Ramadas can be designed to have many different ¬†looks. This one is a trellis ramada style with open sides and timber slat roof. In this clean contemporary outdoor living space the white masonry posts give the feeling of no barriers. The color of the red cedar cross members and roof slats adds great accent color in just the right amount to keep the patio design’s sleek charm.

Rather than making that wood tone more prominent by matching the stone masonry material used in the outdoor fireplace’s design, the stone selected only softly echoes its presence. The same natural stone was used in the design and construction of the patio bar island. In keeping with the clean, cool expanses of white, the base of the island is finished in the same white stucco masonry as the ramada’s posts.

There are many details like this that must be considered when planning your Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping. Patio designs or hardscape are the foundation of outdoor living spaces that enhance your home and lifestyle.

One wouldn’t imagine that all this stark white intermittently interrupted with cooling green would result in such a beautiful and inviting space, but that is exactly what this homeowner now has beyond the back door. Sometimes simple can be far more attractive than we think. Just look at how relaxing and pleasant such patio designs can be.

Properly placed plants are minimal, making this a very low maintenance yard that is big on impact, yet very soothing. There is just enough use of subtle color in the soft grays and red tones of the stonework from the outdoor fireplace’s facing and the counter of the bar seating island. Over it all is the drama and surprise of the ramada’s natural red cedar roof. Unusual and very striking in a low-keyed and elegant way.