Patio designs in Glendale and greater Phoenix aren't complete without a roomy gazebo or ramada for relief from the sun.

Backyard Oasis – Shady Stone Ramadas in Glendale, Arizona

Shading both a portion of the swimming pool and a unique sunken outdoor kitchen, this custom ramada creates an element of excitement to a common Arizona landscaping feature.

This particular ramada design is crafted from Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone masonry support pillars and has a painted to blend open vaulted roof and fascia.

Choosing stone and masonry for constructing ramadas in Glendale, or anywhere else around Phoenix, will extend the life of your backyard shade structure far beyond those built of wood.

Patio designs in Glendale, Arizona can take any shape your ideas and space allow. While paving stones are a popular patio material, you simply cannot beat the beauty of natural travertine.

The irregularities in unfilled travertine tiles thick enough for patio installations adds character to your outdoor living spaces that no poured concrete paver can impart. Combined with the natural wall stone as was used in constructing this backyard ramada and decorative wall, really puts a lot of emphasis on the darker areas of this pale travertine patio. Both the pool coping and the darkest stone color used in the ramada design match the dark areas in the natural travertine stone tile, pulling all the stone tones together.

Another problem with using pavers for patio designs is the repetition that exists in man-made products versus natural ones. Nothing creates individuality quite like Nature. The shading variation and dark irregularities will never be the same in any two travertine patio tiles. You can’t say the same of any paver series, no matter how subtly they mix the concrete colorants. While paver patios are nice, they will never be as beautiful as one created from real stone.

The same individuality is found with a stone constructed patio ramada versus one made completely from wood. Even if the stonework is only a portion of the span between patio surface and roof, you’ll have then times the beauty and character with this type of ramada design.

No matter what your budget is for custom ramadas in Glendale or around Phoenix, a call to Desert Crest will end with a great looking shade structure unique to your Arizona patio or courtyard design.