Practice your latest golf game challenge or entertain friends with Arizona back yard putting greens that double as Glendale landscaping assets.

Back Yard Putting Greens Add Fun & Color to Your Glendale Landscaping

With almost every day of the year a sunny one, many a golf enthusiast finds the Phoenix and Glendale area the perfect place to call home. There are many great golf courses around the valley so there is no shortage of fresh scenery to frame your game. Like any game that involves a ball, it requires a good deal of practice to get your swing right to score well on the course. From the excited beginner to the avid seasoned golfer, there are lots of reasons that adding backyard putting greens to home landscaping is popular.

Since phoenix and Glendale landscaping tends to be xeriscaping with super drought tolerant cacti, shrubs and small trees placed nicely amid ground cover stone, that touch of lushly green space can do wonders to lift the mood and brighten the entire area just beyond the patio’s edge. Unlike a regular grass lawn, you won’t have to deal with watering, fertilizing, mowing or over seeding with winter grasses. There is rarely any tasks you’ll need to do to keep that backyard putting green’s appearance always top notch. The added benefit gets even better, because this use of artificial turf is a heck of a lot more fun than plain old Phoenix lawns.

What better place to practice a difficult shot than just outside your own back door? You’ll find a lot more time available to perfect your aim and swing with the next hole a few steps away. Sneak in 15 minutes before heading out to the office or on errands daily and your score is sure to improve. Backyard putting greens can be a great addition to outdoor entertaining and offer a wonderful way to spend some quality moments with your kids or grandchildren. There’s no better time to start learning the fine game of golf than in the formative years.

One of the great things about backyard putting greens is that you can design the roll to meet the needs for whatever stroke or shot you really need to perfect. Since the base is fine gravel, it makes it possible to change the surface contours as your game progresses and new challenges arise to beat.

One thing to keep in mind about backyard putting greens is that you’ll want to insist on top quality artificial turf designed for golf. There are a range of different yarns available and density of fill too. The least expensive options will fade quickly, melt from the friction of repetitive putting in one spot and also fray as theĀ filamentsĀ in the pile materials breaks down. High quality artificial turf and infill will also give you piece of mind as these products will be free of the health hazards that many lower priced alternatives have proven to have. They will also give you years more enjoyment from the investment. Something we’re sure is important for the value of your Phoenix or Glendale landscaping as a big part of your residential property’s curb appeal and easy marketability.