Get more satisfaction out of your patio with custom built in bbqs. Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley landscaping by Desert Crest.

Built In BBQs & Patios for Paradise Valley Landscaping

If there is one thing that any homeowner wishes to add to their Arizona backyard landscaping it is great looking built in BBQs. Phoenix to Scottsdale and Paradise Valley landscaping for the backyard always starts with the patio, which makes perfect sense as it is the largest area and all other elements need to work with it’s shape and location. Naturally, the planning of traffic flow and activity areas will have something to do with what Arizona patio design can actually go into your backyard. This will also determine where your built in gas grill island will be and many times also dictates it’s total size.

This particular built in BBQ’s construction is block masonry with a white stucco finish on the cabinet that will stand the test of time beautifully. Topping it off with a great accent of warm earth tone stone tiles that pick up the browns found in the landscape stone and also the patio pavers gives this backyard landscaping a polished look.

As with all outdoor living spaces, entertaining is just as important as gourmet grilled meals, so the patio provides abundant floor area to accommodate several outdoor bar stools on the round bar area of the BBQ grill’s island. Everyone always gravitates to where the food is in any home, so having some comfortable seating next to the grill is always best. A good deal of food prep and serving space is also included in this modest outdoor BBQ, as is lighting for use after sunset.

We find that besides the element of an outdoor fireplace, the built in BBQ is the most popular addition to backyard landscaping and patio design in all the areas we service at Desert Crest. It seems that no matter how advanced we become as a society, the basic human needs of food, fire and a gathering spot are still on the top of the list for everyone. The only thing that really changes is the color, shape and features requested to be part of the custom built in BBQs we create for people all over The Valley.