Shade for the cook and guests at the bar with this unique built in grill. Phoenix patios and outdoor living spaces by Desert Crest.

Built In Grill: Phoenix Patio Features

What’s cooking in your backyard? We’ll guarantee you’ll have a much better finish with a top notch built in grill. Phoenix outdoor entertaining will always include some food, whether its a full blown meal or snack food. If you’re grilling it up, you’ll find the quality of gas grills used in custom built grill islands and outdoor kitchen beats the pants off that mobile unit you’ve been dealing with. Not to mention the fact that built in grills are far better looking.

No matter how much we’d like it, there is a profound difference in the quality of your grill when faced with the choice of on wheels or drop in. Gas grills are not all created equal.

What sets one apart from the other? Ignoring the sensational good looks of this particular outdoor grill island for the time being, there is your fuel supply for starters. If you grill a lot… or not, chances are you’ve already deal with that night when the steaks aren’t done and the flames go out. It’s happened to all of us, you’re cooking up a feast and you run out of propane in your tank.

Sure, you could run up to the gas station for a refill, but that’s never what we do in this predicament. Not only is it a hassle, it can ruin even a filet mignon or porterhouse steak when you have to return the meat to the proper cooking temperature again midway through the cooking process,’

The best built in grill will have been plumbed with a dedicated natural gas line off of your home’s utilities. Not only does this make your grill less expensive to operate, it ensures that your steaks (or whatever you’re cooking) won’t be ruined by an empty propane canister. Not only that, but the quality of your grill’s construction will also be better, translating into further savings over a a period of time. You won’t be needed to replace your grill frequently.

Then there is the benefits of counter space for prep and serving you get with a built in grill. Phoenix, Scottsdale or Glendale – any home will get an instant market value boost with a built in BBQ as a big feature in patios and backyard landscaping.  The perks and savings really start adding up in having a built in grill over one that is one wheels!

And then we come to the ambiance factor. On this particular Phoenix patio, the grill is definitely a central focal point. This shouldn’t be surprising, a grill like this on wouldn’t ever take a back seat. How could it? Constructed of block and treated with natural stone facing along with a darkly dramatic ramada /  pergola shade  feature, this built in grill certainly is different from the norm. Its a great asset to this new patio too. As are the outdoor fireplace to the right of this image and on a raised area of this outdoor living space’s paver patio.

When it comes to adding aesthetic value to any Arizona backyard landscaping, you simple can’t go wrong with adding a built in grill’s presence to the mix.