Sharing meals grilled on patio barbeques around the open flames of fire pits is Cave Creek outdoor living at it's finest.

Cave Creek Backyards: Entertaining Patio Designs Have Fire Pits

Fire pits used to be the central theme associated with a weekend camping trip in the wilds. Not anymore. Rustic looking fire pits built with Arizona stone are fast becoming a popular theme throughout the many subdivisions popping up around the area. Professional landscape designers in Cave Creek make great use of natural stone as shown here in this neighborhood backyard where both an outdoor kitchen and centrally located fire pits provide perfect components for an active Arizona lifestyle.

The wonderful thing about having a fire pit is it acts like the lamp attracting a swarm of buzzing winged visitors. Your open fire will attract a lot of friends at your next evening barbecue gathering. It will help to have your Cave Creek landscape designer enlarge that outdoor living patio. You’ll need more room for party-goers when the mouth-watering aroma of steaks sizzling on the grill gets the taste buds juices going.

It will be quite an event, as people congregate around fire pits catching up on the latest neighborhood news and sharing good times. There is no better activity gathering for a relaxed evening then bonding with family and friends around the warming glow of open flames, while enjoying an open air grilled meal. It isn’t any secret that food always tastes better when grilled on patio barbeques?

Inclusion of both fire pits and outdoor BBQs as the dominant backyard theme for patio designs lends itself well to the use of natural stone and desert landscaping elements. Cave Creek landscapers will design a low maintenance outdoor living room using natural stone and stucco for beauty that compliments your Arizona home to perfection.

The best aspect about placing backyard fire pits in your Cave Creek landscape design is the ambiance it adds to the feeling of home. Great times spent gathered around dancing flames with family and friends become the memories of tomorrow when your outdoor living room features a custom built fire pit.