You'll love the early season color of Texas Sage. Purple, blue, pink or white is perfect for xeriscaping landscaping in Arizona.

Cenzio: Easy Care Arizona Landscaping Beauty

Native to Mexico and Texas, Cenzio is perfect for the lower elevations around Phoenix. Arizona landscaping is challenging to those who have moved from higher moisture, lower heat climates. This low maintenance shrub is perfectly happy, even joyful in the high temperatures of your full sun xeriscaping landscaping where other selections may go into distress.

Cenzio comes in several bloom colors and also gives you a choice in foliage. There are silvery leafed varieties and those that are green. This medium sized shrub is rugged, thriving in arid wild areas, yet perfectly suited for landscaping in Arizona of great beauty. Also known as Texas Ranger, the silvered leafed varieties are a commanding presence in xeriscape designs that are as at home in commercial landscapes as they are at increasing curb appeal in residential landscaping.

Arizona landscape designers will always use an excellent blend of different colors and textures of cacti, foliage and blooms to ensure that your outdoor living areas and real estate value is enriched by your landscaping. Low maintenance and high impact plants like Cenzio are great additions to just about any full sun planting. They flower in white, blue, purple and pink making it easy to find just the right specimen to accent your home and Arizona landscaping taste perfectly.

While Cenzio is a rugged, desert native plant, you’ll find that fabulous blooming is best obtained with drip irrigation in your xeriscaping landscaping. In its natural setting Leucophyllum, the Latin name for Cenzio, is at its most glorious after a heavy rain. Assisting landscaping in Arizona with small amounts of water on a schedule is the best thing that you can do for your home’s real estate value and curb appeal. This is easiest to accomplish and enjoy a more carefree landscape with an automatic drip irrigation system.

These xeriscape shrubs have aromatic evergreen foliage and bloom from February through May. While they are sometimes called ‘sage’, they are not related to this group of ornamental plants. Cenzio has the ability to predict rain by bursting into bloom a few days before rainfall arrives in Arizona, causing them to sometimes be called Barometer Bush. Arizona landscape designers around Phoenix prize this evergreen shrub for hedges and single blooming accents that bring great color to landscaping in Arizona without great labor involved.

To place this plant in your xeriscaping landscaping for its easiest maintenance, you’ll want to select a planting spot that has superior drainage and is exposed to full sun. This shrub will not do well in part shade or full shade in your Arizona landscaping. With a spreading shape, Cenzio reaches 4-5 feet wide and 3-4 foot tall on average. For the best presence and the most vibrant blooming, you will want to add drip irrigation to the planting. Then you’ll see just how gorgeous Texas Sage really can be.