Comfortable Landscaping: Phoenix Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living spaces are defined by everyone a bit differently. To some it is a large deck or patio to house many different activities. To others its a cozy intimate place more for relaxing than entertaining large groups. A home can have both, depending on the lifestyle and preferences of the owner. Then there is having ample room for this type of landscaping. Phoenix outdoor rooms like the one pictured here can be used for both entertaining and a quiet peaceful evening for two.

A true outdoor living room is a defined space and not to be confused with a big patio that contains several different spaces. A courtyard can be an outdoor living room, but we don’t always need the extra privacy of such an enclosure. In this backyard there is plenty of green screening that does away with the need for privacy walls and gives this seating area with outdoor fireplace a sense of spaciousness, even though the room itself is rather compact.

While many of our clients who have Desert Crest design and build outdoor fireplaces with benches, normally only the ones attached to the fireplace itself have a back to the design. Here, not only does the bench across from the hearth not only have a back for extra comfort, it is designed to take on the personality of an outdoor couch with arm rests at each end. The same treatment was given to the seat walls on each side of the hearth. This is a unique touch that emphasizes the fact that this is an outdoor room.

Imagine such an element in your backyard landscaping. They can be designed with curved tops rather than this very rectangular interpretation. As long experienced Phoenix landscapers in all forms of masonry for outdoor uses, we can shape it in many different ways, just as we can create stucco elements like these in many colors.

The outdoor fireplace’s design is modern southwestern. The homeowner preferred a light color to reflect the heat of the sun so the majority of this outdoor living room’s features are white to match the surrounding landscaping stone. A pale relief band in a soft taupe tone gives the fireplace just the right amount of accent too.

For homes with children, such a spot not far from the main patio and dining area can be a huge bonus. Here the adults can have a moment’s repose while keeping a watchful eye on the youngsters.