Nothing suits your home to a tee like a water feature created uniquely for you.

A Cooling Welcome: Water Features for Phoenix Homes

Introducing your guests to the ambiance of your home begins at the curb with the big picture of any residential property, a house well framed by the overall landscaping. Well balanced landscaping in Phoenix includes both soft and hardscape elements. The presence of water features like this lovely front entrance fountain instantly adds a multi-faceted benefits to your outdoor foyer.

The fountain and bowl construction add texture and color in an interesting display of mixed hardscape elements. While not technically softscaping, the water in your front door apron is a softening visual effect, but also adds sound that no desert plant can ever bestow. Additionally, your front courtyard water feature of a well placed fountain is a source of natural cooling element and raw serotonin released into the air. Knowing all the wonders moving water and its container can add to your front door welcome makes it easy to understand why so many Phoenix area homeowners are eager to add courtyard fountains and outliving area waterfalls to their landscaping.

Designing just the right water feature entails a keen sense of color and great working knowledge of the materials and hardware capabilities. Yes, you can buy a complete kit courtyard fountains at a major retail store, but then your water feature’s going to look like everyone else’s in town. For discerning homeowners, the right water feature element in their front yard landscaping in Phoenix and the surrounding communities will be unique. The design and colors of materials used will pull in the different features of their home to perfection and not just sit there looking like it was pulled out of a box and slapped into place.

Custom water features are made possible by Arizona landscapers around Phoenix who are very skilled with masonry, stone and tile construction. With an experienced contractor, your outdoor foyer’s fountain can be custom sized and shaped to best fit and compliment the space. You will not have this type of choice with the cookie cutter outdoor fountains found at the closest big box store. You will find more value and home enhancement with a unique and tailor made fountain in your Phoenix landscaping.

Why settle for something suitable, when your front entry fountain can be perfectly matched and look right at home? Nothing says welcome like a well blended design and that musical note emitted from moving water. A call to Desert Crest, of Ranking Arizona landscapers in the Top 10, will have your custom designed water feature quickly into the planning stage. You’ll be amazed at the instant value these Phoenix landscaping elements add to your outdoor areas with a superior masonry craftsman on the job.