Courtyard & Patio Landscaping: Phoenix Water Features

Your curb appeal is definitely important, but the design of our personal spaces in the landscape take on an entirely different meaning. Design in the courtyard or patio landscaping, Phoenix is as individual as any room inside a home. Water features are one element in your landscape that can easily be unique to your yard. Unlike some things, like pavers for example, with some imagination and ingenuity your outdoor water feature doesn’t have to be just like anyone else’s. This is a simple item to design with that coveted one of a kind look.

Terrain changes can present a challenge in creating usable surfaces for outdoor living spaces, like the image above from a recently completed installation. You certainly have an easier to accomplish landscape on flat ground, but it is missing the dimensions that a water feature like waterfalls requires to be at its best. More often than not, the usable landscaping space is above the drop off and not below it due to the way residential properties are developed today. Terracing like this isn’t the cheapest approach to landscaping your yard, but not being able to make use of your outdoor space makes the prospect highly worthwhile.

Here the landscape design works with the terrain, rather than attempting to wipe it out and gives the arroyo style waterfalls a naturalized appearance. The boulders along the water flow channel provide great textural contrast to the xeriscaping plants and pavers alike. Rather than conquer the grade decline by sinking the surfaces below to a single plane, this handsome new courtyard has two levels of floor space with the water feature’s collection pool like a jewel at the hub.

You don’t need a huge basin or a deep one to get this lovely effect of blue mirrored sky into your courtyard or patio landscaping. Nor do you have to worry about it not looking right with your flower colors or patio furniture. The sky compliments everything. So tuck it in where you can truly enjoy heaven on earth.

The plants are small in any new landscape installation, but give these around the pool a couple of years to grow and the walls of the basin will be hidden. Like any new planting, it just needs some time to come into its own. Then the water feature will have a largely natural appearance and twice the beauty too. It doesn’t really matter where you’re landscaping – Phoenix, Kansas City or Boston, the freshly finished installation is a bit like a negative of film that takes a year or two to develop. Still, you can tell that it will look awesome once the greenery thickens and fills.