Secluded outdoor living rooms, courtyards in Anthem are cooling.

Courtyards in Anthem: Making the Most of Limited Space

The creation of Anthem courtyard design can typically be challenged due to limited space. Anthem landscape designers will pay special attention to vertical space in a small area such as the example shown here. Small potted trees with taller trunks, tall plant pots, use of stands as well as hanging plants can help provide greater depth perception in a small space when considering courtyard design.

Choice of lush green foliage plants by professional Anthem landscape designers plays well against the color of natural stone and paving stones flooring. A little color provided through red-flowering plants sets well against the neutral earth toned patio furniture surrounding a central courtyard fountain. The addition of splashing water assists as a cooling mechanism, and adds to the soothing aura of the secluded outdoor living room courtyard.

Also, what  Anthem courtyard does not conjure up images of natural stone used in a variety of design elements? For example, the walled circular water element dominates the outdoor social space created with this particular Anthem courtyard design.

Courtyards have been around since 3000 B.C. and used for many purposes – cooking, working, recreating, gardening and even as a place to house animals. Through the centuries its use has evolved as a favored outdoor living room for socializing and family time in temperate climates. The modern creature comfort provided by air conditioning has replaced the time-tested function for an open courtyard in Anthem providing cooling relief from the hot interior of a desert home.

However, cooling technology has not replaced the courtyard as a favorite outdoor living room in which to withdraw for casual and intimate conversation and socializing. This is why professional landscape designers in Anthem include central elements such as a fire pit or water element as shown here. The design follows traditional elements used in creating small gardens where little use of permanent plant beds is employed. Instead, a mix and match assortment of potted and hanging plants adds to the ability to constantly present a different look relocating plant elements when desired.

A careful courtyard design in Anthem for limited space will provide a great deal of the elements most homeowners seek – fresh air, security, peaceful and amiable social gathering space. Every home in Anthem should have an outdoor living room courtyard.