Well designed and built courtyards will require you to work with skilled Scottsdale stone masons.

Courtyards in Scottsdale: Designing a Welcoming Entrance

An essential part of any Arizona home is an inviting approach for guests and curb appeal. We make the most of courtyards in our Southwestern architecture. Whether you want traditional adobe or natural stone walls to enclose and add ambiance to this semi private outdoor room, both compliment home designs here in the desert.

Unlike the majority of other landscape design components, hiring a contractor to plan and install your front courtyard requires masonry skills for its most important element … the walls.

The use of an open front porch as is popular in many regions of the country, but they aren’t technically a room. Courtyards in Scottsdale serve as outdoor rooms that extend beyond a public area solely for greeting guests. Granted, the front porch is a gathering spot on a hot evening in many locations, but these home features are public areas open to any bypassing traffic. Here in Arizona, courtyards are a private to semi-private space and many make use of them as a cooling, relaxing place in addition to using them as sort of an outdoor foyer.

Today’s courtyard walls can be low or tall, depending on the preferences and taste of the homeowner. Natural stone masonry walls are popular for enclosing courtyards in Scottsdale and many other Arizona locations. These courtyards become a handsome accent to our adobe home walls. For a more fluid look that blends beautifully with a house’s exterior, stucco courtyard walls are the perfect choice. This allows your Scottsdale stone mason to match the color of your home or even accent it in certain parts of the design.

Stucco courtyards allow for less geometry used in the shape of the walls, such as the curves seen in the image above. This particular courtyard is shaded most of the day, offering a welcome space for both arriving guests and the members of the household. The same pavers used in the sidewalk approach were used to create the courtyard floor and bring a welcome accent color and texture to this outdoor room’s appeal. The traditional open iron gate and lighting fixtures add much to the overall exterior design.

Once inside this enclosure, a courtyard fountain adds to the cooling of the space as well as to its overall decor. Water features are a popular addition to the design of courtyards in Scottsdale and around greater Phoenix as well. Naturally, you’ll want to include low maintenance plants in beds or attractive containers to soften the masonry and assist in cooling the air in your private outdoor room.

The result on this particular courtyard’s design adds great value not only to the curb appeal of this residential property, but also to creating extended and useful space to retreat from the sun, yet enjoy fresh air. Working with Desert Crest to design an install a courtyard makes the process smooth and without the hassle or delay of calling in other companies to handle different parts of the construction. We are licensed and insured to do the entire project from breaking ground to the final touches.