Stunning entrance framing from a maturing deep pink Bougainvillea vine.

Decking Out the Adobe Wall

Climbing plants that flower are perfect for framing gates and arched entrances or windows and doors. Softening any privacy wall is always a welcome addition to your Arizona home landscape. The flowering vines that will thrive here in the Phoenix area climate provide you with a variety of leaf textures and a wonderful selection of bloom colors from brilliant to soft pastels. As with any other new planting, the flowering vine will at first be immature, in a few years time it will merrily create a vibrant presence that enhances your home and lifestyle.

Some flowering vines that do well here in Arizona can also be trained into shrub and tree forms that will work well in other places in your landscape design. To coax the most exciting flower show from any flowering plant for sun, full sun planting placement will be most rewarding. The decadence of color explosion we get from Bougainvillea around Phoenix makes it a very popular addition to any spot in your yard. It is best to begin with the right form of Bougainvillea from the horticultural nursery, unless you want to try your hand at turning the traditional climber into a tree or shrub. Most homeowners prefer to just let their long blooming plants continue to increase in size rather than try to turn it into a new form.

Bougainvillea comes in so many colors that there is always the perfect shade to suit anyone’s taste. For those who prefer subtle colored flowers, there are white, pale pink and bi-colored Bougainvillea plants. We prize this vine for not the flower itself but for the exciting colored parts that appear beneath the miniscule flowers. The beautiful vibrant display we so enjoy from this rather rambunctious climber is not the true flower, but the bracts. The actual blooms of Bougainvillea are tiny and white, appearing in the center of each whirl of showy bracts.

Brighter colors in Bougainvillea offer you tones like pumpkin-yellow, salmon, several deep shades of pink, fuchsia, lavender, purple and a selection of reds. It is tempting to go overboard when choosing the variety of colors to enjoy clambering and cascading over the stone and stucco walls of your Phoenix home and courtyard. In landscape design, it is best to use only 2 colors of bloom and an accent of white or yellow in the plantings. Mixing too many colors in one viewing area tends to muddy the impact or become garish.

In the normally, frost free climate here in Phoenix, AZ these flowering vines will be fully leafed out and evergreen. This is important to know when considering the impact your landscape design will have throughout the year.