Red Justica is marvelous in bloom, fragrant and attracts hummingbirds.

Desert Landscape Design: Phoenix Homes Conserve Water

Homeowners looking for a low maintenance landscape design, Phoenix yards and gardens should display a stylish approach to xeriscaping.

Desert landscaping will be the least amount of work and expense for your home budget. Phoenix landscapers understand the xeriscape principles applied in landscaping that will allow homeowners to cut down on water usage. When designed properly, you will still enjoy a beautiful yard and garden. Your Arizona properly will be striking all year, as well as being vibrant, colorful and still use only drought-resistant desert plants.

What many homeowners don’t understand is that xeriscaping is neither difficult nor expensive. A properly designed xeriscaped yard actually requires less maintenance than traditional landscaping designs. While desert landscaping is highly drought tolerant, the curb appeal of your Phoenix property requires that some light, regular drip irrigation be used for utmost beauty and vigor.

You can count on xeriscaping using up to 50% less water than traditional landscaping does. The best landscape design Phoenix companies understand how to group desert plants according to the same water requirements. This allows the setting of your drip irrigation clock for the most effective water usage plan while providing every plant in your yard with the right amount of moisture assistance.

Additionally, there are other xeriscape principles that can be applied to your landscape design. Phoenix residents will find are helpful in further decreasing the need for watering. To accomplish this step in water use reduction, you must know which desert plants thrive in what conditions. Knowledge of how sheltering certain plants from drying wind will decrease their need of water is important. Some desert plants used in xeriscape landscaping will flourish and require less moisture planted in areas that have less sunlight.

Professional landscapers in Phoenix will present to you a variety of different choices that you can make when selecting desert plants for your Arizona xeriscape design.

Flowering native Arizona shrubs can include plants like the Red Justica that blooms in the spring and fall. This lovely native selection’s bright red flowers are highly fragrant, attracting hummingbirds when blossoming. The native Arizona succulent known as Desert Spoon will lend to cream colored flowers to your yard or garden from late spring through summer.

Frothing with brilliant blooms repeatedly each year makes this a popular plant all over Phoenix.
Vibrant bougainvillea is amazing in creating beauty for landscape design Phoenix homeowners and Phoenix landscapers just can’t resist.

Although technically not a desert plant, Bougainvillea is quite a popular choice with Phoenix landscapers and homeowners. These hardy woody vines will bloom several times per year adding magnificent color to your desert landscaping in Phoenix. While out and about driving through town vibrant Bouganvillea will be seen frothing in brilliant magenta, purple, pink and red and adding great curb appeal in the beautifully designed grounds surrounding many Arizona homes.

There are also a wide variety of trees, cacti, grasses and perennial plants that your Phoenix landscaper will introduce you to for planting in your new Arizona home’s xeriscape landscaping.