Xeriscaping would be flat without the natural sculpture rock and boulders lend to xeriscaping in Peoria, AZ.

Desert Landscaping: Rock On Xeriscaping in Peoria, AZ

Never toss out a rock found in your yard – at least not the ones large enough to add to your landscaping in Peoria, AZ. You never know where it might be the perfect perky note for your landscape or garden. Learning how to use rocks in a way that adds beauty and value to your Arizona landscaping can alter the entire look of your property. There is one great advantage using rocks in any xeriscaping design – they are completely drought resistant. No matter how much it is neglected, you can’t kill a rock. So, unless you have some deeply rooted desire to keep your rocks sparkly clean, they never need watering.

Although it is important to pay attention to the choice of desert plants that will used to create your Peoria xeriscape design. It is just as important to put a considerable amount of thought toward the rock selection, the permanent and usually immovable aspects known as hardscaping. Incidentally, did you know that your landscaping has 3 distinct things going on? The plantings in any landscape are known as softscaping, if you add a water feature such as waterfalls in Peoria, Arizona – it is waterscaping the moment a few plants are added to soften the rocky surrounding. Hardscaping includes things like your paver patio, flagstone walkways and ramadas for shade.

Rocks can be used as a focal point in your xeriscape design through the strategic placement of single items throughout the yard. Boulders can also be incorporated where more weight, height or mass is required to offset the surrounding desert plants. Arranging smaller to medium sized landscape rocks in clusters threaded with low growing plants can create a rock garden design in Peoria, AZ. Small rocks can act as stone mulch used in all over ground cover which does more than just conserving water for the plants used in the design. Stone mulch also preserves your Arizona topsoil from blowing away and causing an effect known as desertification, if this should be allowed to take place – even cacti would not grow here. Desertification would turn the region into a waste land where nothing grows.

Xeriscape designs of cacti, shrubs, grasses and flowers arranged in different beds and areas can be instantly be more charming, even dramatic when visually enhanced through placement of complimentary colors, arresting shapes and different sizes of rocks in strategic locations.

Professional Peoria, AZ landscapers use large rocks or boulders in creating a height element in many xeriscape landscape plans. Stones are an inexpensive way of adding interest and beauty to any yard with an element that can be visually striking. They look great and compliment any plant naturally, creating a harmonious blend with the surrounding environment. Your Peoria, AZ xeriscape design, when including the natural beauty of carefully selected rocks. You may not have considered it yet, but rock-on xeriscaping is an excellent way to add interesting curb appeal to your desert home.

Sometimes a more natural approach delivers great character for xeriscaping in Peoria, AZ.
Instant presence and charming character found in rock on xeriscape design has a spot in your Arizona landscaping.

When adding rocks to your Peoria, Arizona landscaping, it might be best if you know that all rocks have 8 sides. In a way, they serve as a sort of sculpture carved by nature. Just plopping a boulder or rock down and calling it landscaping charm doesn’t always work out. There is a knack at times in seeing which side of the rock should be shown off and which to hide. Every rock has a place; you just have to find it. There is never waste in a rock pile, if it doesn’t fit where you want to use it first… it will be fabulous or the perfect fit in another location. Rock on Arizona, xeriscape design can be really cool.