The perfect compliment to any Scottsdale landscape design for a lifestyle patio is definitely adding built in gas grills to the layout.

Designs On Built In Gas Grills in Scottsdale

Upgrading Phoenix or Scottsdale patio designs to include the asset of built in gas grills is far more than a luxury. While a great outdoor cooking space is a bonus for any Arizona homeowner and a boon to enjoying outdoor living spaces that much more, its also a tremendous property value booster.

Because food and entertainment go hand in had, lifestyle is a big player in Scottsdale landscape design where backyard living is concerned. For anyone who already has a solid, attractive patio in place, the most popular feature to add to that beyond the back door room is most likely a built in barbeque. There just comes a time in life that rolling that designed to be replaced BBQ grill becomes a hassle. One that takes on bigger issue proportions when the darn thing runs out of propane half way through cooking up a culinary masterpiece.

One thing that many homeowners might not even consider when the decision to add built in gas grills to that patio comes along, you can do away with the gas bottle altogether if your home is already using natural gas for appliances. Naturally, you’ll need to work with a contractor,┬álike┬áDesert Crest, that is licensed and experienced in running gas lines. This aspect of custom built in barbeque installations might not always be possible when adding the grill to an existing patio. Determining that will depend on several factors, including where you want the grill placed in correlation to your home and also the type of material your patio is made of.

On a plain surface Scottsdale patio design, custom built-in grills crafted from stone masonry really stand out.

While stucco built in gas grills are popular here in Arizona and easily blend with our residential architecture, not everyone wants their BBQ islands built from this material. This particular custom grill island and bar features natural stone facing on the cabinet portion. For the cooking prep counter and the bar top though, the homeowner chose polished marble, where many homeowners will go with a stone tile or ceramic tile.

The two natural materials are an excellent large feature accent on this Scottsdale patio design’s concrete surface. The color of the home’s walls and the patio flooring are a perfect match, making the rich color of the stone masonry and that gorgeous marble top that much more outstanding. With a built in refrigerator to keep drinks, condiments and ready to cook foods cold, the chef on this patio is prepared for both cooking and entertaining handy to the grill top. The addition of the bar sink makes prep and clean up that much easier, not to mention offering on the spot cold drinking water for guests grillside.