Easy to care for Sweet Broom is an excellent fragrant and early season blooming shrub for Peoria xeriscaping landscaping.

Easy Plants for Peoria Xeriscaping Landscaping

There are three requirements that most homeowners have of their Arizona landscaping.

  1. Good color from foliage or blooms, and if flowers it should offer several weeks of blooming time.
  2. Fragrance.
  3. Low water requirements.
  4. Low maintenance.

Even if retired, homeowners today are very busy people. The perfect plants for any yard, be it here where xeriscaping landscaping is best or in any other region, will be very simple to care for and still perform without fail. Naturally, the first season in your soil from the nursery, any plant will need more care than once it’s established in the ground soil. This is true of all landscaping plants around the world. Yet, there are some that are easier to deal with than others after that settling in period has passed.

A great selection for Peoria xeriscaping landscaping is the Sweet Broom shrub. This dry climate plant is valued for its late winter to early spring bloom time, which is long lasting and very fragrant. This native of the Canary Islands does very well in he areas around Phoenix, from Anthem to Peoria and back again. After that first year in your landscape, this shrub will thrive with only occasional watering.

Commonly known as Easter Broom or Sweet Broom, it’s formal name is a bit confusing. It can be known as Genista fragrans, Cytisus spachianus and Genista stenopetala, though it is more frequently referred to as Cytisus spachianus. We’re not sure why the plant namers can’t make up their mind, but you’ll have no problems just calling it Sweet Broom, even those in the nursery industry will know exactly what plant you’re talking about.

Not all xeriscaping plants we use here in the towns around Peoria will be up to thriving in the heat of our Arizona summer sun, but Sweet Broom is delighted with it. As with all plants that prefer full sun in their native environment, you’ll get far more abundant blooms to enjoy where there are few to no hours of shade.  But do be prepared to give these shrubs a good watering on a regular basis once they are in your landscape plantings. The purpose is to help them assist deep root systems that will enable them to deal with far drier conditions in the seasons to come. A well-developed root system is the key to having excellent success with just about anything you wish to grow in your Arizona landscaping.

Sweet Broom is a fast growing bush, which is good for establishing a great looking home landscape quickly. They can reach 8-10 feet tall if left to their natural exuberance. Not all homeowners will want them naturally shaped, so for a more formal appearance, you’ll want to shape these xeriscaping landscaping plants by shearing. The right time to do so with Sweet Broom is right after its flowering is over.

Brilliant color and sweet perfume draws many people to this plant. Do be sure that is situated where it can take on it’s mature size without hampering the view from windows or along the curb when deciding where to plant them on your property. While they are easily maintained at a much smaller size than their expected maturity, it is never a good idea to put huge shrub where a small one is needed. It is sometimes difficult to envision that small plant in the nursery container as it will one day be after several years growth. Sweet Broom isn’t going to dawdle around about it either, it will quickly grow into its natural size in your Peoria xeriscaping landscaping.

Image courtesy of Terwilliger CC 2.0 Share-Alike