There is a lot more to protecting the environment than reducing water use on your Phoenix, Arizona landscaping.

The Environment and Phoenix Xeriscaping Landscaping

From Tuscon to Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona landscaping interest for homeowners continues to focus more and more on xeriscaping landscaping for it’s low water use requirements. Many are concerned about the natural environment, which is definitely a good thing. The wise point of, “Waste not, want not” applies to just about everything in the world.

There is more than one environment to be concerned with though, when it comes to home landscaping. The purpose of a Scottsdale or Phoenix landscape design actually addresses a variety of requirements that should never be ignored. This applies to any type of landscaping from lush tropicals to xeriscaping landscaping.

Your property – that area of ground between the parcel boundaries, is the environment that you and your family live their life within. So, the effect of keeping this mini environment in a state of being pleasant, comfortable, inviting and uplifting is important to every person in residence’s well being.

This private environment has a dual nature. The property surrounding any house is a sizable portion of it’s real estate value. So, your Arizona landscaping of any theme or focus must appeal to a wide variety of people at all times as well. Smart homeowners in any state, keep their residence in a state that would allow it to be put on the market with short notice. One never knows what tomorrow holds. This practice also includes the exterior of the structures, as well as the Scottsdale or Phoenix landscape design that creates the living framing of view and use.

Protecting and nurturing both of these mini environments is just as important as protecting the natural environment.  Then there is the economy the right Arizona landscaping brings to your household budget. Everyone wants to save as much money on monthly household bills as possible. Cutting back on water use is not the only way that switching to xeriscaping landscaping will effect your expenses and lessen the amount of stress on the natural environment you are personally responsible for.

Large trees are the most economical means of reducing the amount of energy your home uses. Properly selected and placed in your Scottsdale or Phoenix landscape design, trees are proven to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 25%. Yet, they must have enough moisture to flourish and grow quickly and provide the many benefits they do inside and out.

Notice that xeriscaping landscaping is low water use, and not no water use. While everyone is on the bandwagon that Phoenix, Arizona landscaping is wasting precious fresh water and bad for the environment. We suggest you have some further lifestyle adjustments to make besides adopting xeriscaping plants to fill the yard with. Lets look at other ways any person today is throwing away water that could be put to good use – more than once.

Dish water, laundry water and bathing water amounts to a large number of gallons used every month in any residence. This is known as gray water. You wouldn’t reuse it or want to drink it, but your Arizona landscaping could definitely benefit from it. In truth, the standard household plumbing system that allows gray water to drain away is very wasteful. Gray water should be plumbed into a holding tank and put to use in nurturing a pleasant private outdoor environment. The same could be said about storm water – even here in the desert, where rain is a once in a while event.

Professionally planned Scottsdale or Phoenix xeriscaping will definitely be low water use and yet fulfill it’s personal environment benefits through the use of proper soil preparation, plant selection and drip irrigation. For the most economical and environmentally friendly Scottsdale or Phoenix landscape design, a call to Desert Crest will put you on the right path very quickly. In the meantime, think twice about dumping the rest of that glass of water down the drain.