Exciting Patio Landscaping: Glendale, AZ Outdoor Fireplaces

Having a patio is great. It puts a whole new spin on the attraction of home and makes quite a drawing card for residents and guests alike for any modern home with great backyard landscaping. Glendale, AZ backyard planning generally evolves around the outdoor living space requirements for relaxing and entertaining. Adding great features that enhance the space and it’s uses goes a long way for homeowners and home buyers today. To think we once thought that having a deck was the height of style. How did we live without the elements we can add to patios today?

The first step to great Glendale, Arizona patio design is to address giving everything and all activities that will take place here adequate area to be pleasantly useful. Nothing is worse than improper space planning that leads to insufficient room to use your patio dining table or move around without tripping over people and furniture. When you add something that will be as popular as outdoor fireplaces, you definitely want to ensure that it’s placement and surrounding space for use gives you all that you wanted from this feature element. It’s not like you can pick it up and move it over after the construction is done.

Glendale, AZ outdoor fireplaces can be built in many shapes and sizes. Here the homeowner elected to have flanking seat walls incorporated into the structure’s design. This is a popular way to increase not only a patio’s seating area, but also does wonders for giving the fireplace a different look. Unique ideas are always applied to our work at Desert Crest. You’ll never see us build two patio fireplaces or even outdoor barbecue islands with the very same look twice.

This project we gave the area behind it a less closed off feeling by incorporating two windows in the back walls. The combination of crisp white stucco and dark beauty of the natural Autumn Blend stone veneer gives this homeowner’s new paver patio’s design a whole lot of pizzazz. Soon the newly installed trees will begin to fill and spread as they mature bring relief from that glaring sun. As with any Glendale, Arizona landscape design, as time goes by this backyard will increase in attractiveness and beauty.

It would be great if huge trees took more readily to being moved to give us instant shade, but it’s hard on the tree and they require tons more maintenance. Then there is the cost factor involved in buying, moving and installing them too. ┬áIt’s best to just be patient and let newly installed trees and shrubs grow into their allotted space in your landscaping. Otherwise its a lot more work for you and them too. At least you won’t have to wait for the patio and outdoor fireplace to grow too.