Firepits and Phoenix Landscape Lighting

Fire in the Night: Phoenix Outdoor Living

Outdoor lighting for backyard patio designs is a lot more relaxing today than it once was. Illuminating the dark night with the glow from your firepit and well placed landscape lighting puts an entirely different view on your backyard. Harsh floodlight and spot light night lighting in the landscape with the innovations of low voltage lighting extends the use of your Phoenix patio a great deal.

Custom built firepits of three dimensional pavers and beautiful Arizona stone offer the benefit of warmth and illumination in one feature. Your firepit can be square, rectangular or round depending on the space available in your backyard patio design. Round gas firepits are very popular with Arizona homeowners.

When your firepit is custom designed you have many options to match the structure to different elements in your Phoenix landscaping. Some Arizona homeowners prefer to match the paving stones or flagstone of their patio designs, others choose to make their firepits an accent instead. Mixing flagstone coping with the right combination of wall stones can create a wonderful effect and a one of a kind design to firepits on your backyard patio.

Being able to have so many choices in the finished look of outdoor living room firepits is best accomplished by

Phoenix Firepits and Patio Lighting
Firepits add so much to patio designs but the addition of night lighting give your backyard new depth and beauty.

selecting Phoenix landscapers who are skilled at both pavers and masonry stone construction. This is also the best way to insure that that your new firepit will remain beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Soft, mood setting landscape lighting is an excellent addition to outdoor living rooms. Uplighting trees and down lighting paths or the edge of patio areas will be a valuable curb appeal investment. Enjoying the mild climate here in Arizona brings everyone to spend a great deal of time outdoors. Backyard patio designs that feature outdoor lighting in all the right places will enhance your home in so many ways.

Entertaining friends or relaxing in Phoenix is always much more welcoming and warm with dancing flames and low voltage night lighting. Your landscape plantings and gardens will add great depth and interest to your backyard living room setting outlined and accented in a bath of light. Many people feel much more secure with an illuminated outdoor living area than one that has many shadowed spaces. Whether you add landscape lighting as a valuable safety feature or just to light up you patio and pool in the night, it will provide you and your family with more enjoyment of home.

Custom firepits, like outdoor fireplaces, become a popular focal point in any Phoenix area yard. It’s an excellent way to spend quality time with children, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over the open flames. Company will always gravitate toward the ambiance that firepits add to the patio too. When the kids are asleep and the neighbors have retreated, adding a little romance shared with a glass of wine next to the fire is a wonderful way to end day.