Add more dimension and appeal to Glendale or Phoenix courtyard design with water features by Desert Crest.

Glendale Courtyard Design Water Features

While Arizona courtyards are really connected to a home’s structure, they can be inviting outdoor living spaces and a popular part of your Phoenix or Glendale landscaping. These especially secluded outdoor rooms are an excellent place for spending quality time in the comfort of cooling shade, entertaining friends or enjoying a good book.

The elements of courtyard design for homeowners in the part of Arizona are all parts of well planned Phoenix landscape design. Since Desert Crest is a licensed general contractor, we are skilled at all facets of landscape design and installation – even those parts of a courtyard that fall under the concrete and stone masonry trade. For our clients, this means that a complete courtyard design can be planned and installed with just one contractor. Naturally, this allows them to go from the planning stage to the enjoyment stage of such a Phoenix landscape design faster and with no hassles or delay in completion.

Adding water features to courtyard designs is an excellent way to up the ambiance and relaxing quality of these private outdoor living rooms. Many times with a custom designed water feature, your courtyard can become a far more beautiful place than when installing pre-fabricated outdoor fountains.

As is seen with this particular Glendale landscaping courtyard design’s water feature, sometimes the simplest design provides the greatest decorative appeal. ¬†While the lines in the stone masonry construction are rather contemporary, the overall feeling here is timeless and could have been there for a century.

An informal composure covered in Arizona flagstone mosaic, the square pillars at two different heights do several things to this water feature’s appeal. Visually, the add dimension and interest to the shaping of the courtyard fountain. They also change the tone of the falling water sound. The farther water falls, as well as the speed it moves at has much to do with the music a water feature creates – whether it’s done as natural looking waterfalls, or a stylized fountain. Here, the addition of spilling over terracotta pots adds tons of interest and really does a lot to put more emphasis on the visual appeal it adds to this shady courtyard design.

Whether you live in Glendale or Phoenix, landscape design that includes a very unique and attractive water feature adds great value to these types of outdoor living rooms, as well as to your home’s curb appeal and market value. For complete Phoenix and Glendale landscaping that will have both you and your guests raving about the beauty of your property, a call to Desert Crest can make it happen in a very short time.