From Scottsdale to Glendale and Phoenix, landscape design for outdoor living and swimming pool in small areas can be stunning working with Desert Crest.

Glendale Landscaping Backyard Water Features

From Scottsdale to Glendale and Phoenix, landscape design for outdoor living spaces and especially pool landscaping gives us the perfect place to add water features. Many homeowners will want to conserve water usage in their yards and landscaping, so it makes a great deal of sense that in areas around Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona swimming pool fountains many times double as waterfalls.

The beauty of natural rocks used in constructing nicely designed water features like this really does a lot for enhancing the attractiveness of swimming pools and at the same time provide the focal point for your Arizona pool landscaping. With compact properties like most of us have today, fitting as many lifestyle enhancement features into a small area is one of the first challenges of getting the most out of our outdoor living spaces as possible. So, it’s rather convenient that these in demand elements and requirements all work so well together.

After all, traditional Arizona swimming pool fountains aren’t much to look at – a white piece of plastic floating around on the surface gives you no aesthetic value whatsoever. Incorporating water features as waterfalls into the pool landscaping creates an entirely new environment in your backyard, one that is soothing and visually exciting at the same time.

Whether you live right in the main Phoenix area or out in Scottsdale or Glendale, landscaping will be important to create just the right entertaining and escape place. With patios and pool decks flowing as one area today, Glendale or Phoenix landscape design requires good planning to get everything situated just right. Sometimes small, intimate outdoor living spaces can be more exciting than large ones. Take this particular waterfalls water feature’s location that doubles as a rather impressive swimming pool fountain’s recirculation system.

If you’re going to be able to have a lot of drop to your waterfalls, putting your swimming pool right at the bottom of a steep his is exactly the site you need. Otherwise, your water feature isn’t going to look natural at all, and that is important when the desired end result is simply gorgeous Scottsdale, Phoenix or Glendale landscaping.

Not that this particular homeowner had much choice as to where their swimming pool, landscaping around it or even their water feature was going other than the foot of this steep incline. It is a very small backyard, and is now wall to wall outdoor living spaces in a very compact area. It is only a few steps from the patio and built in bbq’s location to the pool, hot tub and waterfalls that doubles as the swimming pool fountains. It was a challenge to plan and install, but this unique Glendale landscape design is the perfect setting for a wonderful place to escape in privacy and entertain small groups of friends.