Bright dusty color from Giant Blue Aloe desert plants.

Glendale Landscaping: Dry Blues for Xeriscape Design AZ

Aloe is one of many desert plants growing naturally throughout the arid southwest and cultivated here by many Phoenix landscapers. The plant is a favorite choice incorporated into many different professional xeriscape designs. The blue aloe is especially ideal and beautiful residing in your Glendale xeriscaping. It remains dormant during winter requiring little water, and is very drought-tolerant once the plant is fully established.

The blue aloe in xeriscape design provides great contrast when incorporate in any Phoenix or Glendale landscape design. This striking aloe can easily grow to three feet, with its sword-like gray-blue leaves standing out brilliantly against Arizona stone and stucco. They flourish best in well-drained soil amended with a heavy dose of sand. Grow these desert plants in either full sun or partial shade. Don’t be tempted to water too much during hot summer months. This is one tough succulent that is hardly ever thirsty.

Should you to notice the leaves begin browning during extremely hot, dry weather – do cut back on sun exposure wherever possible. If you plan potting this desert plant, make sure to use crushed stone at the bottom of the container, but do not block the drainage hole. Potted giant blue aloe is mobile, allowing you to move them around. Accenting your Glendale xeriscaping a little dry blue variety offers greater dimension to your landscaping. Moving blue aloe around gives you the occasional new look to your desert landscape’s appearance.

Potted Giant Blue Aloe is a great accent plant for Glendale patios, courtyards and decks where it can be admired by all. They prosper in hardiness zones 9-11 so are a perfect choice for your greater Phoenix area yard. Deliciously unique, giant blue aloe is easy to grow. This beautiful desert plant is perfectly at home inside the house, adding color to outdoor living rooms and very desirable in desert landscape design. They grow like weeds!