Glendale Landscaping: Upgrading Outdoor Living Spaces

For the majority of Arizona homeowners, they’ve either acquired an existing outdoor living area that falls short of the features they would like, or the process must be done in stages as the budget allows. This is true not just with Glendale landscaping clients, but those all over the greater Scottsdale – Phoenix area. Many times, starting all over from scratch isn’t a feasible strategy and isn’t necessary to enjoy great outdoor living spaces outfitted with everything you want them to offer.

It is very popular today to create different outdoor living areas with a change in the patio flooring. In new build installations in some parts of the country, the dining area, cooking area, fireplace lounging area or outdoor living room are all treated with outline borders to set them apart from the overall paver fill. The finished look is as if there are area rugs under the patio dining set and outdoor furniture that create open air rooms. These are interesting and can be very intricate to create on the ground behind a home. Unfortunately, the paver manufacturers who make the types of block this is done with do not have distributors here in Arizona. (Please send your complaints about being discriminated against to Unilock and tell them they need to open a new location in this part of Arizona.)

Still, just as the flooring changes from room to room inside your house, this is the perfect strategy for upgrading outdoor living spaces. Adding areas that don’t exist or enlarging those that are inadequate, even with Phoenix pavers, an exact match to the old paving surface to the new one will be almost impossible. Pavers differ by dye lots, and even natural stone can have a noticeable change of coloring from what was there before the construction began to what is used in the added on square footage. With stone paving, this would be due to them quarrying in different places than at the time when the original patio designs were installed. Because of this issue, it makes far more sense to create distinctly different ‘room spaces’ when starting all over isn’t really an option.

Creating separate rooms in outdoor living spaces is a great approach to extending your patio area and adding features.Some homeowners will opt for the change in patio paving to be more subtle than what you see in the images here, but it is really dependent on what the current material and coloring is as to whether this is possible or will fit your budget. As long as the two type of paving material’s colors don’t clash, it will look great and very unique to your backyard. There is no set rules on how you decorate your Glendale landscaping, beyond proper material selection for long lasting beauty, installation procedures and prep work. After that, whatever suits your taste and style is what you should do.

Here, adding to the outdoor living space’s features included a built in gas grill, outdoor fire pit with seat walls and enough new patio space to add an outdoor dining set close to the cooking area. The new raised patio space gives the homeowner ample room and plenty of extra seating whenever they have a larger gathering for dinner or an evening of relaxation. Dancing firelight can be enjoyed from the pool or the lounge chairs on the pool deck too. Just about anything is possible when you remodel with the right amount of creativity, craftsmanship and masonry knowledge.