Sometimes big changes are exactly what is needed to bring exciting new Phoenix patio design to life.

Goodbye Pool: Hello Phoenix Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Fireplaces and Patios

Everyone has priorities when it comes to the most valued features in their outdoor living spaces. In small backyards, like many people around Scottsdale and Phoenix, patios and pools can argue with each other for square footage. Naturally it depends on the homeowner and the family who lives there. Pools aren’t on the top of everyone’s most desired lists.  Whether the home was purchased with the pool and its hardly ever used or the kids have grown up and moved away, there are times when drastic backyard recreation become the option for getting the features we really need.

And so it was on this job. Without tearing out the landscaping plants, there’s no room for a decent sized patio here for entertaining without the guests being strung all around the poolside. Where do you put an outdoor fireplace on this layout and get space for a group to enjoy it, let alone the wood fired pizza oven you want to be part of the structure. The pool has to go.

Here you can see the Desert Crest crew at work on this completely custom outdoor Phoenix pizza oven installation.Having wood fired Phoenix pizza ovens on the  patio will no doubt get truly gourmet outdoor cooks in the area excited over the possibilities. Its something not that many people have, but hearing about someone getting one nearby will no doubt get those old world bread and pizza taste buds stirring. By the way, the best firewood for baking bread and pizza is pecan or apple, or citrus. You can mix some mequite in with either, but for best flavor in wood fired breads and pizzaz is recommended. The rest will burn too dirty or ruin the flavor of the baking dough. Apple is kind of sweet, so it sounds like pecan or sour citrus would be the first choice for pizza baking.

This Desert Crest landscaping project was a challenge to design. A Phoenix patio fireplace pizza oven combo, and its looking great.A standard outdoor pizza oven gives you just that feature, and nothing else. Inside outdoor kitchens, this setup makes perfect sense. As a focal point of outdoor living spaces though, a different approach is needed. As on this project, where the homeowner wanted both fireplace and pizza oven in one unit. Rather than buy a kit or slip in, Desert Crest decided this would greatly compromise the quality of overall design and ornamental appeal. This method of combining outdoor fireplaces below a pizza oven isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else around Scottsdale or Phoenix. That’s the great thing about truly custom design.

Looking for a custom outdoor pizza oven, Phoenix, that includes a fireplace below? Desert Crest can build you one.We’ve built lots of Scottsdale and Phoenix outdoor fireplaces. Its one of our specialties, but this project is our first pizza oven design request. It was a challenge in engineering, but our masonry experience and skills have really made it all come together. Here’s the finished outdoor fireplace pizza oven combo completed, with just the door left to be installed.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a stucco unit with stone trim coins. In next week’s post you’ll see what looks like corner accents of Autumn Blend flagstone veneer take over the structure. We’ve used the same natural stone flagging for the hearth. Tune in next week and you’ll see the total finished patio design installed to set off this traditional Old World style meets modern day Phoenix pizza oven’s final persona as the architectural feature it was designed to be. Another dramatic backyard makeover comes to life.

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