An asset to many spots in your Arizona landscape design, these two blooming beauties create low maintenance focal points around any backyard swimming pool.

Great Plants for Scottsdale Pool Landscaping

It would be a great deal easier to put together a great Arizona landscape design for around the pool if all plants adored the added heat and light your pool puts in their environment. The water is perfect for you to cool off in, but beneath the desert sun, the mirroring aspect of the water and the extra warmth of the soil the pool decking creates makes things a little too harsh for some of our preferred plant choices. When deciding what you should use in your Scottsdale pool landscaping, be sure to use specimens that will take the heat and still be beautiful.

In today’s smaller properties, that backyard swimming pool takes up a great deal of space. Naturally it is a focal point on it’s own, but these outdoor living elements are always more attractive with plantings that make the area even a bigger focal point. The best pool landscaping in Scottsdale or Phoenix areas will always be low on maintenance and high in color. For most homeowners this means lots of great blooming action offset by good textures and shapes.

With smaller backyards, the bed spaces around the pool deck will no doubt be minimal too. For the best possible outcome, it is best to choose plants that not only deal with the conditions and the chlorinated water, but also won’t outgrow the space you have to offer them. Additionally, it is wise to avoid spiny plants so close to the poolside, along with those that do a lot of shedding. After all, you want to spend more time enjoying the backyard and your pool than cleaning up after your landscaping.

Here are two excellent candidates for plantings around the pool in Arizona landscape design that are beautiful, long blooming and won’t shrink at the extra heat and light known to be a problem in this area of a residential yard. Superb Penstemon, shown in full bloom in the photo above, will give you wonderful spring color for weeks on end. This native of our region requires very little maintenance and will remain an evergreen plant with periodic watering during the summer months. Hummingbirds love Penstemon, bringing even more color and interest to your private oasis than flowers could possibly offer.

In front of the Penstemon is Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora) that offers great texture and shape year around. Once the Penstemon is finished blooming when summer arrives, the Yucca will start flowering. The whispy bloom stems of offer you both architecture and color that is simply wonderful.

Both these plants are great xeriscaping landscaping candidates, but will indeed perform better with the right light watering routine. They prefer well draining soils, so be sure to amend properly if you have clay in the planting area for best focal point results and carefree Scottsdale landscaping around the pool .

Image courtesy of nestmaker. CC by 2.0