For homeowners in Scottsdale and Phoenix, built in BBQ grills by Desert Crest are important parts of patio designs.

Have It Your Way Phoenix – Built In BBQ Grills

A great way to add subtle color accents to outdoor living spaces is using natural stone tiles as the capping materials on the permanent features so popular for patio designs today. The popularity of custom designed patio living elements can include a wide range of things in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Built in BBQ grills, patio bar islands, an outdoor kitchen’s counter, seat walls and decorative inlays on outdoor fireplaces are all places homeowners look for ways to accent for the most beauty.

As patio bar areas and built in bbq grills go, this particular finished project is a great example of just how colorful natural stone can be. The more common colors of flagstone or stack stone available for Arizona landscaping present us with earth tones only. While these are wonderful for a neutral look, some homeowners prefer more unique colors as is found with this counter stone tile selection.

Entertaining in outdoor living spaces means having a special set of dinnerware and glasses that fits the colors and scene on the patio for many homeowners. Imagine how much fun you could have with that when you have a surface like this one to work with. This combination of stone used in the tiles gives so many hues and tones to work with in creating a smart looking setting. There are pinks, green, gray to charcoal and some tan to sand colors that run through the different stones in this mixed tile. Here’s a closeup so you can see just how gorgeous counter surfaced and decorative touches with this particular choice can be.

The unpolished surface of this Phoenix built in BBQ grill’s counter and patio bar island is a wonderful companion to the popular color of adobe stucco homes found all over Arizona. Being natural stone, also allows this choice to work with any preferred style of design from ultra modern contemporary to traditional and rustic. Something you might want to make note of, for such a material won’t become dated when it has such timeless beauty. It would be just as at home a century ago as it is on this current day Phoenix patio design.

Since every Phoenix patio design we do at Desert Crest is customized to fit the house, the space and the customer’s taste and lifestyle, it would be pretty rare to see two of them ever look alike. That’s part of what is so interesting about being a Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaper, variety is a constant presence. Many times, we’re as excited to see outdoor living spaces and ┬ápatio designs come to life as our client is.

When planning what will be included in your Scottsdale or Phoenix patio design’s spaces, living with it every day should be first and foremost in your mind. One can’t forget either that these elements are permanent fixtures in your Arizona landscaping, or that they are a home improvement project. If you do lose sight of that fact when working with us as your Scottsdale or Phoenix landscape design and installation company, we’ll help you get back on course so that your outdoor living spaces are an asset to both your lifestyle and your property value long term.