Phoenix xeriscape curb appeal

High Color Desert Landscaping in Phoenix

Your home here in Arizona can have so many different colors and textures in the landscaping design. Phoenix area homeowners can enjoy low maintenance, drought tolerant plants without giving up beauty and style. Creative use of unique colors and contrast of foliage plants and cactus carries a great deal of visual impact even when few desert plants that flower are in bloom.

It isn’t just the selection of desert plants that create a stunning and pleasing high color xeriscape design for your home. Placing the flowering plants and colored foliage must be done with some vision of how it will flow in all stages of a year’s display. To be able to do this, the landscape designer must have many plants and their attributes memorized along with each stage of their growth, the mature sizes and flowering through the months of the calendar. This ability requires far more skill in desert areas like Phoenix, than the more verdant regions.

Here we have Golden Barrel Cactus in the foreground of the xeriscape design, echoing the mounded Yellow Bells and the bright yellow variegation of the container grown Agave on the pillars. When in bloom, the Purple Prickly Pear tosses more yellow into the planting scheme, just the foliage picks up the blue flowering Creeping Rosemary and a tone in the boulders beside the sidewalk’s lower steps. The orange of the Lantana is the right hot accent to really set of this exquisite Phoenix desert landscaping design.

Vibrant xeriscape landscape in Phoenix
Vibrant xeriscape landscaping in Phoenix featuring beautiful blooming plants.

Well thought out xeriscape design for Phoenix curb appeal will be beautiful and well layered from any viewing angle. Height from great ornamental trees like Palo Verde and Acacia mixed with architectural cactus and hardscape structures like the pillars are important parts of front yard landscaping. Adding really wonderful and unusual xeriscape plant colors like the steel blue spiky leaves of the Century Plant Agave give your landscape design excellent accents of high interest. The art of beauty in Arizona landscapes always begins with the assistance of a professional xeriscape designer.