Home Landscaping: Phoenix Courtyard Design

Courtyards add so much interest and a profound welcoming ambiance to the entrance of any Arizona home. An integrated part of anyone’s desert landscaping, Phoenix and Scottsdale courtyard design can be a simple or as complex as you wish. This space can be an anteroom – the prequel to your home’s interior foyer, or it can be a full fledged, yet intimate outdoor living room. Every courtyard has a purpose and you decide fits your needs for this particular exterior area of your home.

A simple entry courtyard design like the one shown here grants visitors a peek at your personality and sense of hospitality. It could have a number of central focal point ideas and it could also have an open center, once again the design flow is up to what you envision the space to present as outdoor entrance to your home.

The lowest maintenance courtyard will be one that is no more than a walled area between the driveway and front door that is paved and entered via a gate that opens off your front sidewalk. For most of us, this isn’t quite the picture of a welcoming courtyard, though at times space limitations conflict the images we carry in our minds. Still, a fetching stone tile and some artful pots with xeriscape plants that are well chosen can create a smart looking outdoor foyer.

This particular Desert Crest client did chose a very carefree courtyard design, yet the art of approach has not been denied. Starting with the gorgeous iron courtyard gate, the sense of unveiling what lies within is heightened before the visitor can get a glimpse of anything inside the walls. On the threshold, the look is simple yet beautiful.

The paving is done with cantera stone. It’s large squares lend a very contemporary look to the space while maintaining a highly natural feel. A central focal point of a single Cenita Cactus and some annual flower color is understated, elegant and packs just the right amount of colorful punch. Echoing of the floral tones flanks the front door and spreads the interest from the center to the true point of entry. This draws the eye from the gorgeous center planting and directs traffic by suggestion.

Beyond just looking pretty, color has more distinct uses in your landscaping. Phoenix businesses direct traffic from the street to the entrance of their building in the same way. Color moves people from point A to point B without the need for signs to direct them when applied appropriately. You can take advantage of this natural mental programming for both curb appeal and public areas of your property. When it comes to your true outdoor living spaces, just pretty works every time. No one needs to direct traffic in backyard landscaping.