Desert plants can be beautiful with professional landscape design in Arizona.

Landscaping in Arizona: Turn Your Lawn into Desert

Homes with lush landscaping in Arizona have one thing in common – a great deal of water being used. Accomplishing this theme is a foreign environment can be quite costly to maintain in the desert. Plants used in traditional landscape designs can be incredibly expensive and actually environmentally unfriendly. The best solution is to create a xeriscape design planned to use far less water, yet will not struggle to thrive under the hot Arizona sun.

Many people unfamiliar with xeriscaping have a misconceived notion that this type of landscaping in Arizona must be lifeless, bland and visually unappealing. Some believe desert landscaping translates into trading plants for rocks. This is so far from the truth. There is a wide variety of beautiful and vibrant flowering plants that landscapers in Arizona use to create striking residential landscapes.

Desert plants found growing naturally present a variety of drought-resistant choices. Some of the most popular ones are found in these categories:

  • Cacti – This is the most obvious selection and the one that pop’s into the mind’s viewer when any discussion of desert plants is pursued. Cacti are a wonderful choice because these are the plant equivalent of camels, capable of hoarding water for months and for some, even years.
  • Succulents – These types of plants also are known for their drought resistant and water storing capabilities. These include plants such as Agave, Hoya, Yucca, Aloe and Astroloba.
  • Deep Rooted – There are many plants that possess long roots allowing then to access water that is deep in the ground. These savvy choices for landscaping in Arizona include plants like the leafy Acacia, with roots that can penetrate as far down as 50 feet. There are deciduous shrubs, such as the Mesquite, that manage to maintain leaves even in the driest conditions.  Mesquite also can grow tall like a tree and be used as a yard border. Cottonwood also sends its roots deep seeking water sources far below the surface. It was used by the area’s earliest settlers as an indication for locating deep spring water.
There is an art to desert landscaping as talented landscapers in Arizona create them.
Xeriscape design is not as easy as you may think, designing a desert takes artistic talent.

The use of beautiful, useful hardscape elements in your Arizona landscape design can reduce water reliance and xeriscape maintenance. Installing natural stone and pavers for patios and courtyards, as well as walks, drives and other large paved expanses – looks great, increases property value and needs no water at all. Outdoor living rooms are perfect for Arizona lifestyles and friendly to the desert environment.

Well planned placement of pottery, sculpture and landscape rocks or boulders is excellent use of landscape space in your Arizona yard. Professional landscape designers in Arizona will be those who can plan desert landscaping to be more beautiful than Mother Nature could create a view on her own.