Natural stone walks lend a relaxed, even rustic look to landscape designs in Carefree.

Landscaping in Carefree: Natural Stone Walkway Designs

Showing off the lush lawns in your Carefree landscape design can be done so well with a visually dominating, irregular natural stone walkway. Making use of different sizes and shapes of Arizona stone lends a more relaxed welcome to the approach of your home.

Arizona flagstone in both natural and cut stone selections gives paths and walkways in Carefree a unique surface that leads to a matching patio or courtyard pavement. Depending on the cut of the stone you and your Carefree landscape designer decide upon, creating free-form and perhaps geometric designs adds warm character to any walk or path in your yard.

Widely spaced stone walkways, through lush green grass or xeriscape stone mulch, creates a lovely rustic look that is a wonderful perfect complement to your adobe Arizona home. Professional landscapers in Carefree, can easily install natural stone walkways that leads through a variety of different steppable plants like rugged ground creepers that bloom, thick turf grass or desert landscaping stone as seen here in two very different landscape designs around lovely Carefree homes.

Both irregular and snap cut flagstone can be laid in a tightly fit arrangement as well, producing a clean edged, more formal walkway, pool decks or patio designs. There are many different styles and colors of Arizona stone available. This gives you a large array of home landscaping options and applications for incorporating natural stone. When it comes to courtyard flooring and patio designs, stone is quite popular for paving to create different looks in outdoor living rooms.

Rustic in flavor and beautiful with your Carefree adobe home, flagstone paths are great anywhere in the yard.
Casual and rustic flagstone paths are great for easier walking in desert landscaping stone mulch.

Carefree landscape designers use either straight or curved flagstone walkway designs. Curved designs look far more natural and are very pleasing to the eye. Meandering and flowing natural stone walkways around flowerbeds, trees or landscape plantings for your yard and garden design in Carefree, can add great beauty to professional landscape design. If you want to get a visual idea of what a curving natural stone walkway may look like, place garden hoses along your selected walkway path to simulate the outer edges.

There are a number of installation options for stone walkways, including mortared stone on a concrete base, or dry laid and placed in sand over crushed limestone like paving stones are installed. Flagstone installed with mortar will be more expensive, but also practically maintenance free. However, you will not be able to have wide set flagstones with thick Arizona lawns or ground cover plants growing between the stones laid in mortar. Dry-based natural stone walkways require periodic weed-pulling maintenance when the stone isn’t set into lush green grass. Professional Carefree landscapers will make sure that the flagstone walkway is correctly installed and downright beautiful.