In your landscape design in Glendale, AZ, Saguaro cactus are easy to grow and visually arresting.

Landscaping in Glendale AZ: Desert Majesty Saguaro Cacti

Many people around the world are familiar with Saguaro (sah-wah-row). These cacti have been immortalized by Hollywood, proudly portrayed as the archetypical cactus plant in hundreds of movies. We see it in old Tom Mix, Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy films. It’s that cactus with arms held straight up as if it is surrendering to one side of the law, or the other. Well, many Arizona homes include this slow growing plant as a central focal point for desert landscaping in Glendale, AZ. From front yard curb appeal to the patio side cactus garden, Saguaro cacti are prized for xeriscaping.

Arizona law will have you sticking your arms up in surrender if you attempt to dig one up out of the desert. It is a protected species that will have you doing time planting new Saguaros for the next generations in Arizona to enjoy. Although the Saguaro cactus can be grown from seeds, it takes 10 years for the plant to grow a half foot tall. So, a nice sized specimen will be somewhat pricey, but absolutely gorgeous when landscapers in Glendale have finished installing your specimen xeriscape desert plant. A good sized Saguaro cactus is a treasure not to be toyed with in transit or planting, a job best left to your local professional Glendale landscaping company.

Cactus work well in a Glendale xeriscape design. A mature Saguaro would be the main feature, curb appeal character that you and your visitors will enjoy for years. It will take the Saguaro nearly 40 years to produce the first flower blooms and nearly three quarters of a century to sprout those famous surrendering arms. Saguaros can live to 200 years old and can grow as tall as 60 feet.

Since a Saguaro cactus takes a couple of human generations to produce those majestic looking cactus plants that we all remember from classic western movies and cartoons, going the “grow-your-own” route is a long term project someday inherited by your grandchildren. Amazingly, these majestic native Arizona plants have more value and wonder than the most breathtaking of lush landscaping plants. Landscaping in Glendale, AZ with good water conservation should feature a Saguaro cactus, as it is perfect for blending with the surrounding open landscape.

Most people assume that xeriscape plants need no water at all. This is not true, unless you want your beautiful desert landscaping to struggle, instead of flourish. Once planted in your Glendale landscaping, the Saguaro cactus welcomes generous watering during the hot Arizona summer months. Water Saguaro cacti sparingly during winter months. Even slow growing plants will perform much more exuberantly to regular light watering and an occasional deep drink. It’s one of the secrets of maintaining a beautiful Glendale landscape design of Arizona xeriscaping plants.