Chaparral Sage is perfect for landscape design in Peoria - Arizona desert plants for curb appeal.

Landscaping in Peoria AZ: Arizona Beauty Plants

Approaching summer is a great time of year to consider adding more color and bloom to your landscaping in Peoria, AZ. Desert plants for beauty, like Chaparral Sage (Salvia clevelandi) is an excellent candidate for Arizona yards and gardens. It thrives quite well in the rainless summer months. While this member of the Salvia family is native to the low desert of California, you’ll find it fares very well in the middle and low deserts around greater Phoenix. Including Chaparrel Sage in your Peoria landscape design give you great color and rugged xeriscape qualities.

Professional Peoria landscapers like to use Chaparral Sage in many designs. The fragrant gray-green foliage is very aromatic and this bush is huge. Mature Chaparral Sage can grow to five feet tall by six feet wide. Plus, the striking flower spikes provide the plant’s greatest visual attraction. Flowering plants in the spring and fall are full with clusters of blue/violet blooms all throughout the plant. While not a candidate for small area garden design in Peoria, AZ – it’s an excellent candidate for any spot in your yard that needs a burst of early and later season color. When not in bloom that unique foliage gives welcome contrast from other plants in any planting theme.

Chaparral Sage dies add dramatic visual appeal in bloom to any desert landscape design. Plant one of these gorgeous members of the sage family and watch all the butterflies and hummingbirds appear. When it comes to having great curb appeal landscapers in Peoria will suggest its use as a dominant plant in your Peoria, Arizona landscape design. You will want to remove the spent flowers from your Chaparral Sage in the late winter and early summer to keep these desert plants at their most attractive best for manicured landscaping.

In extremely hot climates, Chaparral Sage needs to be planted in your desert landscaping, where it can get some relief from the hot Arizona sun. Landscapers in Peoria, AZ will always select a spot in your professional landscape design that this xeriscape beauty plant can mature in all its glory. Even though you live in the desert, plants from the Sage family require great soil drainage to prevent any fungus occurring. So be sure to test the soil before planting this in your xeriscape design, in clay you must amend the soil properly for long lasting looks and low maintenance plants.

As we turn our interest to desert landscaping in an effort to conserve water and trim household bills, it is important to remember that xeriscaping is not zero-scaping. Chaparral Sage will be low maintenance and desert climate tolerant, but it is recommended to water Chaparral Sage every 7-10 days. As any professional Peoria, AZ landscapers will tell you, correctly watering all desert landscape plants is the secret to a beautifully xeriscaped yard and low maintenance landscaping in Arizona. You want actively growing and healthy desert plants or you can forget all about increasing your curb appeal. A little regular watering reduces the cost of Peoria landscaping.