Excellent feature assets like a fire pit can do wonders for your lifestyle and the entertainment value of home.

Landscaping Phoenix: Natural Stone Features for Patio Designs

Patio designs are usually envisioned differently from one person to the next. Granted everyone sees this outdoor living space as paved and furnished to suit their personal taste, but then great diversity takes place.

Once upon a time we had only the choice of poured concrete or flagstone patios and wood decks. And the landscaping? Phoenix was awash with rudimentary plantings, just like any other area of the country. No one lived in their landscaping. Technology and a change in what time at home can provide has evolved to open the doors to patio designs that rival the interior of even the grandest homes.

While a patio is certainly a big landscaping feature, the space has its own array of optional assets one can add to enrich it’s appearance, usefulness and attractions. Next to built in gas grills, many homeowners in municipal areas want a place to have a fire. Inside any city limits, these must be contained, and its wiser even in the middle of nowhere to contain an outdoor fire for pleasure purpose. This is especially true here in arid Arizona, to protect against the wind creating a fire out of control.

The most budget friendly fire feature for today’s outdoor living patios is the fire pit. You have the choice between paver bricks and natural stone masonry construction, and even a mixture of the two. Materials and their colors selected, the size and shape of fire pits can vary. Some are guided by the space available in choosing the style of fire pit they will have. There is no set rule here. You can have round, oval, square or rectangular design. If something more free-form suits your fancy, that can be done as well – so long as your landscaping contractor is capable of creating a sound structure in that shape. As with anything, there can be material limitations.

Pictured here is a lovely Arizona flagstone patio that is graced by an equally smart looking stone masonry fire pit. Some clients prefer their fire pits to accent the patio, or they are a later update and matching the patio paving color is impossible and accenting is the best solution. Others, like these homeowners, chose the fire pit to be built with the same material that paves the patio floor. Rectangular fire pit shaping is used less often than the expectable round and more common square design.

This particular fire pit is also unique for its surprising incorporation of a gas log insert one would expect to find in a fireplace. The majority of gas burning fire pits are filled with lava rock and the flames dance atop of the rock. At first glance one assumes that it’s a wood burning model.

You can get surprising results and real individuality in patio designs and landscaping, Phoenix, when your landscaper is highly skilled in every part of the process from concept to completion. Not only does this save you hassle in successfully completing a big home improvement project like this, it means that proper planning took place before work ever started. You’ll find that working with Desert Crest saves you time, money and unwanted surprises. We know what must be adequately solved or allowed for before the landscape design phase even begins.