Replacing lawns with xeriscape landscaping is getting more popular in Arizona. Get the facts straight first.

Landscaping Tips: Change Arizona Lawn to Xeriscaping

Even if you can afford that lawn watering bill, many people are becoming more conscious about conserving fresh water in Arizona. Landscaping in the desert can be quite lovely without any constantly thirsty fine turf expanses, At the very least , changing lawns to desert landscape for the majority of the current square footage makes a lot more sense.

Small lawns used in your outdoor living spaces are far more water conscious that huge expanses of green grass. They do add natural cooling effects to the areas around them, far more so than pavers and flagstone does. The front yard is the first place to start going native, removing lawn for xeriscape plants and Arizona landscape rock. After all, no one lives in their front yard. In this area you only need your curb appeal looking manicured, colorful and alive.

This is the desert, so xeriscaping at the curb fits in very nicely with the area.

Before you had a lawn the ground around your home was a natural desert, lawns are aliens to the greater Phoenix area. Arizona landscaping companies can change your grass to desert plantings however, doesn’t mean you will no longer need to water anything in your yard. If you want wild desert with whatever God allows to grow there without any help from you, just tear out the lawn and let Nature take its own course. It is doubtful any homeowner today would want to do so, and even more doubtful your community bylaws would permit you to do so. The alternative is you need a well planned Arizona landscape using xeriscape plants where your is grass right now.

Drip irrigation and the proper soil amendments will change lawns to desert landscaping that is vibrant and thriving. Unlike watering your grass right now, drip irrigation runs small amounts of water beneath the surface only to the roots of the desert and drought tolerant plants. There is no waste of water for desert landscaping in Arizona, with automatic drip irrigation. The fact is that hand watering with the hose from above as most people do, in an effort to conserve water… wastes a lot more precious water than you even realize. The uppermost level of the soil is not where your desert plant’s roots are, but that is where you will be watering them. This causes a lot of plants to become very sad looking.

You will save money if you get rid of grass, change to desert and water lightly.

Just don’t forget that your curb appeal is your landscaping. In Arizona, homes won’t look near as welcoming without nicely laid out xeriscape landscape design. That is if you use drip irrigation to ensure that each plant or cacti receives water when it needs it and in the right amounts… in the places it is supposed to be. It is not that watering your landscaping in Arizona is a waste. As with anything else, moderation and a keen planning offer you the biggest savings and the best solution to most issues you need answers for.