Handsome in rugged stone, this outdoor fireplace is at home in Phoenix landscaping and the background desert scenery.

Lifestyle Magic: The Element of Fire

The four main elements of life are important features of home as we reconnect with the natural world. The element of fire is magical and omnipotent. It can provide warmth and light in the cold dark night and the benefit of hot food, yet it can also be damaging and devastating if not minded with care. One of the beauties of living in Arizona is being able to get enjoyment from your patio and outdoor living rooms all year long. When the desert sun sinks in the cooler months of the year, a chill descends on Phoenix. With the addition of an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor living spaces provides warmth.

The added attraction of dancing flames draws people of all ages together, just as it has done through the history of mankind. Where there is contained fire, we instinctively know that food, shelter and camaraderie will also be found. A fire feature is great for boosting curb appeal and real estate value. It should be constructed using materials that will compliment your home’s architecture and patio paving materials. The outdoor fireplace is a highly sought after lifestyle amenity in homes from coast to coast. Many people in the greater Phoenix area have discovered just how wonderful the addition of fire is to their backyard getaway spaces.

Brick, stone and stucco are all well suited to the Arizona patio outdoor fireplace. They make handsome features when custom designed and engineered to go with your home’s styling and exterior colors. Patio fireplaces are many times located in close proximity to hot tubs or spas to be able to enjoy the colorful flames while soaking away the day’s worries.

There are several styles of outdoor fireplaces commonly seen on patios

Patio fireplaces in Phoenix are perfectly suited for the beehive or kiva style.
Patio fireplaces in Phoenix are perfectly suited for the beehive or kiva style.

in the Phoenix area. The beehive is unique to the southwest culture, a design that has been in use here for hundreds of years. Many historic adobe homes have beehive fireplaces inside the house, so adding them to your desert landscaping patio creates an authentic looking home setting. Each person’s taste is unique and we design and build each of our customer’s patio fireplaces to fit their individual lifestyle.