The most luxurious and cooling look in Phoenix landscape design features lush green lawns.

Lush Beauty in Phoenix Landscape Design

Sweeps of manicured green and lovely blooming plants give a new dimension to homes around Glendale, Scottsdale and Phoenix. Landscaping adds so much to a home’s exterior appeal, and this property definitely has beauty everywhere you look. Obviously, this isn’t a brand new installation. It’s easy to see right away that the roses along the courtyard walls are growing into maturity and covered with many blooms. Nor are any seams present in the lush Phoenix lawn that make this hacienda styled home so outstanding looking.

There is more maintenance involved in having such a lush Phoenix landscape design. While many assume that all lawn grasses are heavy consumers of water, the right type of sod will be very acclimated to our high temperatures and arid climate. After many years in professional landscaping, we find that the hybrid Bermuda grass varieties developed especially for Arizona are the lowest maintenance and require the least amount of water to remain beautiful. Depending on the type of soil and sunlight conditions in a given yard, our Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping installations will have either Tifgreen, Tifway or EZ-Turf sod.

This homeowner loves flowers and many red and white blooming plants that do well in Arizona landscaping without a huge amount of care and maintenance have been included here. Lady Banks Roses is a predominant plant on the public side of these low stucco masonry walls. The lacy height of low growing palms with broadleaf ground cover create a welcoming look for visitors approaching the traditional Spanish ironwork gates that allow entrance into the yard.

While many courtyards today are small and secluded due to smaller property sizes being common, homes with more yard space can enjoy more expanse to these outdoor living spaces. This is especially true of homes beyond the city limits. Adding Arizona grass in any sized area isn’t just great looking, it actually helps to lower the temperature around a house by a few degrees. While Phoenix landscape design traditionally uses stone as ground cover, this material naturally radiates both heat and cold.

Including lawn grass around the perimeter of patios and pool decks definitely creates more welcoming outdoor living spaces. Not just for their lush, exotic appearance here in the desert regions of Arizona. Anywhere around Scottsdale, Glendale and Phoenix, landscaping can help to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home. Large trees and green spaces are known to be natural ways to keep a home more comfortable in all seasons.